There is nothing I despise more than rapists and I think were too nice to them in this country. In Kuwait they're executed I think they have the right idea. I know one person who was raped and I think it really messed her up, I didn't know her before it happened but it seems that it good be the source of a lot of her problems-naturally. I think murder is bad of course but with rape you leave that person alive but they're often permanently damaged so in a way it's worse than murder. I know if I had a daughter or anyone I knew who was raped and I found out who did it, I would probobly end up in prison and I think most people with a daughter or sister or friend or whatever would probobly be very tempted to deliver their own justice. Just something I've been thinking about, thoughts?

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Oh, I'm all for vengeful retribution on a personal level -- the last thing someone who messes with my family should want is bail. However, the over-all question wasn't personal, it was societally based. And societal problems are the realm of the law. Since I've studied a bit, and understand the greater issues involved, I thought I'd toss out some of the "murkiness" that gets in the way of such absolutes.

Rape is a particularly tricky thing, because while "everyone knows" what rape is, there are plenty of situations where things just aren't as cut-and-dried. Is non-violent "date rape" really rape? (not saying it isn't, just that it might be classed in a different area in some jurisdictions). Is statuatory rape (sex, even consensual sex between a legal adult and a legal minor) considered rape, with the attendant punishment? Would an eighteen year old boy be castrated for having consensual sex with a 17 year old girl? Is non-violent rape the same as violent rape? If (as seems to be a concensus in this forum) genital mutilation is an appropriate punishment, then do women have all of their sex organs removed as well?

It's a complex thorny problem that is entangled with many other elements, and the simplistic answers I see here are far more emotionally-based than real public policy should be.

But it is interesting to see just how bloodthirsty everyone is. Keep it up. We'll bring back human sacrifice yet . . .
statuatory rape ....I think it is an interesting subject. It wouldn't be as interesting if we taught our young ladies a little more decorum and respect for themselves. I know young men that have had girls sign a form that states they are over 18 just to cover thier ass. Even going so far as to have them sign paper saying they agree to sex if it comes up on the first date. That's smart.

On the other hand there is many a young man that promises the world to a young just to score a virgin.

Violent or non violent rape? If you mean drugged or beat the crap out of there is no difference. Rape is about the control, the power.

Blood thirsty we are. We teach our young girls to fight for thier lives. Leave marks, take a beating if rape it the intent make them bring a lunch. The harder she fights the more DNA. Make sure their is no doubt in anyone's mind that she said no and ment it!

It sounds like you are making an arguement for the sake of the man. The waters aren't murky for someone with common sense the Godess gave a goose.
Well, you'd think. But events in my town in the last couple of years bring to light many issues with the attitude that an accusation is as good as a conviction -- just google Duke University Lacrosse Rape and watch the fun. Sure, violent rape is the easy thing to deal with -- the issue there is the violence as much as anything. But there are many other situations that aren't as clear, perhaps most rapes. "Common sense" may seem to apply in the majority of situations, but it's always those last 20% of cases where the facts are muddy that leads to murkiness and the need for real wisdom.

And it's curious that you think I'm arguing for the sake of the man. I'm arguing for equal protection under the law. Not all rapes are committed by men, and the law has to fit all situations. So if castration is an appropriate punishment for men, then the equivalent is appropriate for women, too. Just trying to be equitable.

And statuatory rape, in many jurisdictions, is handled under the same set of guidelines and statutes as violent rape, which means that the aforementioned 18 year old boy who consensually screws his 17 year old girlfriend would be dealt with the same way that a stranger who attacked and violently raped her would be.

Like I said, this is an issue of law, not just visceral opinion.
Goddess bless you Arion the Blue!
For the women, too?
my opinion was cemented when I watched "the girl with the dragon tattoo"...

check it out.
She got him good didn't she?
I have always thought about that kind of thing...I don't think sex offender regestries should be open to the public because of all the hurt, hate and danger they bring with...but to do something like this, so anyone they get close to knows....that's what it takes.

I also recently saw a movie called(i believe) "little children" in which Jackie Earl Haley is a pedophile and in the end he castrates himself in an attempt to honor his mothers dying wish and "be a good boy" that hurt me, that was a disturbing but brilliant movie.
Well I do think there should be a structured series of punishments for rape, myself. The ultimate would be the death penalty which in my view should be used on proven/admitted serial rapists.

Most of my other suggestions would come under the 'cruel and unusual punishment' clause. These are based on feeling rather than on logical reasoning, so it's probably good that I would not sit in judgment of such individuals.

Punishments to include, but not limited to:

* Being branded with an 'R' on their forehead upon their release from prison.
* Castration - 17th Century style...
* Other limbs removed for repeat offenders
* All assets seized and revenues given to the victims
* Some other kind of Negative Re-enforcement - a la Clockwork Orange, perhaps.

This of course precludes that conviction is perfect, which of course they never are. I would not want an innocent to be subjected to such treatment.

From what I have read, treatment for such individuals is ineffective and prison does nothing to reform them. Finding out why they rape and effecting a counter measure may be problematic at best.
Maybe, but I'm not so certain. I have seen some interviews with serial rapists and the outlook is not a positive one. Not all of them have used their man parts to do the awful deeds.

Finding out why they rape and effecting a counter measure may be problematic at best

I agree with this- but why on earth would branding an 'R' on their forehead do any good at all?! If offenders can find no employment/acceptance/sense of normality when they are released from prison, they are SO MUCH MORE LIKELY to re-offend-HOW is that fair on the rest of society, to potential victims?

I know you weren't seriously suggesting literally branding anything on rapists' foreheads, but this kind of "tarring them for life" idea that is floating around is just childish and illogical-and dangerous for the rest of society when the offenders are released. I wish people would think.


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