Hi everyone,

Since the move to the new site, some content, maybe yours, has essentially not been imported. And by that, I mean that it won't show up on this version of Pagan Space.

For a limited time, you can still access the original Pagan Space while it is still up to retrieve any missed content. I've noticed a lot of my message history, friends lists, and groups I've joined, aren't being shown here. And, you have your own customized profile page as well you can grab content on as well, if you want to use it.

While this new site is getting setup, you may find the old site easier to use as well. I had made some navigation improvements to it to make it easier to get to the most important pages you'd use, and plan to similarly try my best to make this place feel like home here as well.

For a lot of members not seasoned to Pagan Space yet, you may not find this much of an issue. Especially if you hadn't posted much recently. for those of us who kept the flame burning so to speak, you'll want to review these 5 steps to make sure that everything you want to save is in order. Starting with the first step, profiles.

1. the first step you will want to do, is update your profile page. Here is what you need to know. When you joined Pagan Space, perhaps the most valuable part of your membership, is how people see you. Secondary to what you say, and despite our best attempts at making a belief central community the main priority, people still approach others who have a good profile. And so, if you're like most people, you are honest, and your honesty will be seen and shown to all who are allowed to view your page, in the information you post.

On the new site, here's how you can access this information and update it. As I say, this will become more apparent with these items easily accessible to you, in the navigation area, which is comming soon. For now, click the links below to access your profile information and update it accordingly.

Update New Site Profile and while you're here, review your Email Notifications and Social Media Login preferences.

To add any missing information from the old site, pay attention to the following pages. You'll need to visit more pages to update similar information fields.

View Old Site Profile | Change Old Site Profile InformationRetrieve My Custom URLReview Old Privacy SettingsOld Notification Email SettingsReview Old Login Settings

Don't worry if you find yourself unable to login to the old site, as the information you used such as Social Media accounts simply won't work. The rest of the profile URLs simply won't be useful to you, as their contents won't under the My Pagan Space Profile tab, be importable. Such as appearance, module layouts and other items. You should also note that there's nothing under the New Messages menu that can be imported here either, and that when sending a new message to someone, or leaving a profile comment, is currently not possible on the new site.

Steps 2, 3, 4, 5 and the future, 6+, involve content you can add to the new site. In times of transition, well, you just have to go with it. When Business and I spoke, on the phone, I had discussed with him the possibility of there not being able to let members customize their profile. So unfortunately, this is the best that we can do. The trade off is, we have a purely content based site, which is easier for focusing on beliefs and the like anyways. the idea is that we aren't attempting to be social, but that we have a clear vision that we wish to make a reality.

Of course, you have social tools to make the most out of your experience with interactions for other members, but that's not the focal point of what we're about. I would suggest the best way for you to maintain such a social connection, is to create your own chat room on the new site, and or start a group. Where by in which, you can truly make your own mini network, and run it how ever you wish.

The current platform is not known for sending many notifications by default, so you will need to opt in to receiving them manually on each content item you follow. It is currently not possible to follow group contents automatically just by being a member, so please keep this in mind in case you are wanting to be notified of an existing group you are a member of, you will have to opt in to each module such groups provide. Including comments, if it has it, and forums. It is not possible to send messsages to all members of a group, or get notifications of new members to your group. this is a platform limitation, not something Pagan Space administrators purposely made possible.

Now you're probably thinking, how can I at least get started here? Well, here's something to start you off with the basics to add your voice, and own your posts! Here's hoping Events may be possible to be created at some point in the future, as they were used quite often on the old site.

As a member, currently, here's what you can add to the new site.

Invite Friends | Add New GroupUpload PhotosUpload VideosAdd New Blog EntryStart New DiscussionSend New MessageDonate Money

Yes, I know, I get it, I really do. Music and polls, those tempting features, just aren't available yet. And gifts from the old site don't show up here either, which, some of you older members may know, was a silly way to pass the time, but at least it meant something on your birthday, right? Those lists of people you always saw changing every day, yeah, they're not here either. The latest activity as featured on the old site, you won't see that here, at least, not yet.

I hope though, that this will get you started enjoying the new and improved Pagan Space. The goal is to work up to what we had before, and just in case you missed it, the grand prize is still online and being used right now by members everywhere.

Return Home To The Old Site (some conditions apply) for example, so long as this post and that link remains valid, for instance.

Yes, it's 2019. We're not the 2007 directory we once were, but we're growing And that's what matters. It's a good thing, really.

I hope you are well. And this is my first guide of its kind. So please try not to flame me too much for doing my best lol. This is what we have to offer together.

Much love, and blessed be.

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This is a repost originally shared here in case you missed it. A little friendly help from another member.


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