Merry Meet. This is my first post and was wondering about casting circles. I know every person casts different but I was wondering if anyone could help me out and post any tips or ANY info please.... It would be very helpful and greatly appreciated. Thank you

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The circle is your working area and as you learn to use it will gain much importance. You can read the basic theroies many places, but the important thing is the circle is a limit and creates a duality. Movements can either attract or repell, protect or attack, and gives you a chance to become the piont from which vibration begins and radiates. Then you can create or destroy at will!

There are as many ways as there are people.  The only point I would say is constant (or should be) is that it's not actually a circle, but a sphere.  If it's meant to contain energy, or to protect those within, make sure it is sealed above and below, not just around.


If you don't need to to contain energy or for protection, you might want to look into the practice of hallowing instead.

I think that what ever type of working you are doing you should always use a circle of protection. Within my practices it is a must, done first off, and then maybe other circles are added as well. I do not cast a circle clockwise, but that is my path, which I cast counter-clockwise. When done correctly it will protect you and those within. But then again it all depends on the path you walk.


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