I found that I can't master my emotions (anger,unhappiness) when I met someone who can't react a proper way,who doesn't respect me,or  do something doesn't think what I feel(Including one member of my family).Most of them older or senior than me.
These emotions made me live bad frequently psychologically. I have to spent lot of time to calm down every time,and can't do everything.

How do I improve the ability to master of my emotions.I just can't endure such feeling.....

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You mean think by other ways?

I've heard some people said,when you think different then your will feel different.But when I try to another thinking way,I feel strange,I don't lie to myself...
I like this sentence "Dont forget its your mind that is talking in the end not somebody else's. " :)
I agree. If you don't your emotions might come out in a bad way. Like talking to yourself when you don't want to talk to yourself. Trust me I'm speaking from personal experiance...you don't want to be at work and suddenly scream "SHUT THE _(fill in the blank)_" at your boss when your not really talking to him. lmao
A couple of things. Emotions are a language meant to convey meaning to us, once we grasp that meaning we are no longer victim to them. So, mastery must not be an attempt to repress because this will always be unsuccessful but a way to understand, accept, and release. I am considered about your hypersensitivity to the ways others feel? Is that what you mean? If that is the case, I can relate and this can be a more difficult gift to master. I have yet to do so. I know some who do energy work, etc. as a way of dealing with their emotions but I have yet to find a way that is what suits me personally.
I meant *I am concerned* not "considered" :)
Start by admitting to yourself that you're not actually important. After that, insults sort of slide off.


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