This is really cute...its from the CDC (center for disease control) on how to survive a zombie apocalypse! never know when you might need this info, LOL!

This was actually done as a spoof to try and get people to have a disaster preparedness kit in their homes. Its very well done (or at least I thought so) and all fun aside probably not a bad idea.

Well...unless the world does end tomorrow like that goofball Harold Camping says, heh heh heh....


Click here to learn how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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I can not beleive no one hitthis up... LOL  to funny!

Ya! I've got that movie 28 Days Later running through my head now!!!


I'm ready!  Bone up on your shotguns and ammo.  Bring on the tweenkies!
obscure reference to Zombieland.  I don't care for them either.  But, I do like shotguns and ammo!
or in case it happens they are covering their asses..............
Yep! It managed to even get my daughter to read it *snickers*
Always good to be prepared for the unexpected disaster (many events in recent history have shown us this). But..... in the case of an actual zombie apocalypse- invest in some Cold Steel specialty items!! Ammo will run out, but good mele weapons will always be by your side! (Im partial to the war hammer and battle mace myself).
LMAO! We have something in common my friend as I am also fond of a good war hammer or mace. Gotta smash them skulls to take out the brains after all ;-)
I believe that the mace was discontinued by Cold Steel some time ago, but the war hammer is still available. Funny that I mentioned these- there is another video of a guy reviewing the war hammer for zombie defense. The swords are good, but unfortunately they are expensive and decapitation tools only. If you need a good brain smasher that wont break the bank- I as an official zombie hunter give these my personal seal of approval ;^)
WOOOOOO!!!! Those so rock! And certified too...okay, that war hammer is totally on the birthday list, LOL
One to add to the list; take the family wilderness camping regularly so they're comfortable in the wild, and with rationing, the radio is for emergency use only as are the flares and maps of your survival zone.

I heARD were supposed to be left behind, seems the rapture did'nt happen after all on may 21 2011


hmmmmmm someones got egg th on thier face, looks like Bible belt man screws up end of world judgement day date once again.


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