This is really cute...its from the CDC (center for disease control) on how to survive a zombie apocalypse! never know when you might need this info, LOL!

This was actually done as a spoof to try and get people to have a disaster preparedness kit in their homes. Its very well done (or at least I thought so) and all fun aside probably not a bad idea.

Well...unless the world does end tomorrow like that goofball Harold Camping says, heh heh heh....


Click here to learn how to survive a Zombie Apocalypse

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I read about this. I thought it was really funny that so many people clicked in to see about zombies and then it wasn't about zombies! My friends and I used to joke that when the zombie apocalypse does happen, we just need to get to a middle floor of a tall college dorm building with canned goods, plants to grow, buckets to catch water, and bottled water, as well as weapons. College dorms these days are zombie proof. You have to have a key to get through a thick iron door, and a key to get to any floor in the elevator. As long as the floor is empty when you get there so there's no surprises, it would be easy to get through the apocalypse high and dry.


And I loved the Zombieland reference. That was awesome, and an awesome movie.



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