are there any of you out there that have learned that you might just, or are something other than plain human? or even have thoughts, visions, sightings, ect... that might have made you think it might be possible or just wonder. personally i have and have learned about myself but i dont know if im part of a very very small group or just not very exposed to others. reply and let hear your story.
blessed be

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Humans are animals.
This is just me.. but why do people have to believe that in order to have abnormal experiences, abilities, or in some cases technological advancement it must come from something other than what is human? Why can't we just all except that we are human, and leave it be?
It's kind of like... do fish really notice the water? Do humans really NOTICE the essense of what it means to be human? Not often enough... people are so conditioned to their humanity that they miss and forget the amazing things ABOUT being human... the grass is always greener... you know what I mean?
yes fish notice water. They go to the surface to catch prey and they know if they get themselves on land they are in deep sh*t.

And how would you know how it feels to be not human if your humanity is so conditioned? And like i said in the above post. Humans are animals.
I agree Uterus 100 percent :)
I think that some people want to feel special.

Whether "normal" humans are seen as insensitive (as in not sensitive to whatever vibe or pattern the chosen one is privy to), crass, and ignorant, or as evil, destructive beings set upon destroying the earth, believing that such experiences are more than human lets people feel that they're better than the "mundanes," even if they claim an egalitarian philosophy that holds no one is inherently better than others. It's win-win.
you have the most beautiful pictures Hedge!
I don't know that it's being "other" than human, but perhaps being more aware. Most of us have likely "journeyed" and found ourselves in animal form, or even otherworldly creature form. Our thoughts are our creations and perhaps we're a bit more free about allowing ourselves to experience other creatures or even objects. Maybe we just "connect" to others and such more easily, are more open minded? LOL! I suspect that being on my Path has opened me to different vibrational levels of being and it has enhanced the way I see and feel things...but I don't know that I'd go so far as to say that I'm OTHER than human...maybe, maybe not...but it COULD be that it makes us MORE human, more "in tune" with what being human actually IS.
ah's late and I digress. LOL! Did I answer the question? LOL!
I understand what you mean, I'm just having trouble expressing myself tonight. (more exactly, this morning! LOL!)
Human, all too Human. :))
What an interesting topic. I believe in the possibility of all things. I have done extinsive research on the subject of reincarnation. In each life we live we are here to learn something. Once our lesson is learned we evolve to the next level. If we do not learn the lesson we do not evolve but are reborn to have a new chance to learn the lesson. Most all of us start as an animal of some kind. Those that feel the strongest connection to the animal may very well be living there first human life. A residue of all our past lives remain within us (i.e. the lessons learned). I think it's perfectly normal to feel that pull. However, I am sorry Eyla but, we can not go back to being an animal. Once we have evolved we can only go forward, not back. As far as something else, I'm not sure what you mean by not human. Do you mean alien or something more mysterious? I certainly believe in the possibility of aliens, I mean have you seen some of the creatures of the sea or really looked at our insects? How do we know thier not aliens, some certainly can make you wonder.
"plain human"?

Human isn't exactly "plain" IMHO. Human is pretty darn exciting... but then, I'm biased.
dont worry about it. and it is not my opion either. and they are as such no less important or smart. and for those of you who think that we choose to be like we are, we do not. if it truely is then you are born with it.


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