are there any of you out there that have learned that you might just, or are something other than plain human? or even have thoughts, visions, sightings, ect... that might have made you think it might be possible or just wonder. personally i have and have learned about myself but i dont know if im part of a very very small group or just not very exposed to others. reply and let hear your story.
blessed be

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Maybe I didn't word that right. In no way did I mean that animals are backwards from us, far from it. I just meant that you evolved. You've already learned what you had to as an animal and can't go back to being one. First we're animals, then we're people, the last step is full spiritual enlightenment. Once you reach that you become spirit but, not like the Christians believe with heaven, you become the elements, mother nature, you become the energy we call on in our spells and magical workings. And what I meant by lessons to learn, its not something simple, there lessons that can only be learned by a lifetime (or two, even many, many more) of just living life. I will drop that subject there because everyone is intitled to their own opinions and beliefs and I certainly don't wanna push mine on anyone. That was not my intention. I was simply giving my two cents. I do apologize if you were offended. That wasn't my intention either.
That is a very good point of view. I stand corrected.
Humans, very strange animals of nature. Just because you have thoughts, visions, sightings, ect; doesn't make you something other than human. I have to LMAO at people who say their vampires, werewolves, or host powerful spirits in their bodies. I have asked those people to prove it to me, show me that they are an all powerful being. None of them can ever do it, when put on the spot. I think that my soul has lived lives in the past as animals, before humans walked the planet. I think your soul as a human is no better than an animal, insect, fish or plant soul is. Also any other critters of nature that I didn't list. The body is easy to put limits on, but I don't think the soul can be limited. I don't think that we only live lives to learn lessons, I think it's more like the soul wants to experience different ways of living as a physical being.
an such was the answers i figured id get. and yet a few that might have began to understand. but in this form of discussion i do not feel like going further into this subject. but i do beleave i have my answer though, and yes i understand their are some dulusional people out there. and as for those that always want proof, try useing the ability to sense things. i mean i presume that you are pagan, so you should have learned how to do this. but for now i say goodday.
blessed be
if you want to find people that agree with you... Try otherkins.
thought id ask in here as it now seems i am the freak of freaks here
much appreciated, couldnt find it when i searched for it. must have been operator eror. bb
did you type in "otherkin" or "otherkins"?
both but it told me no matches.
Oh but we are animals my dear sister. We fluffy bunnies LOL
I honestly find the "fluffy bunny" thing annoying.

I've gotten that term applied to me SO many times. JUST because I'm a nice person as ask if you're okay after you trip up/down the stairs, DOES NOT mean I'm not laughing my posterior off at you-internally. ^_^

SO not a fluffy bunny.


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