Hypnagogia, Theta trance, and smokey figures of inspiration

My first discussion post on paganspace!

Hypnagogia is the mental state which many people use to enter lucid dreaming or astral project. I'm really interested to hear other's experiences in hypnagogic state who have entered without the intention for lucid dreaming.

Some people experience this their whole life without trying, while others teach themselves how to induce it. Personally, I've experienced various levels of it my whole life without trying, and actually worked hard to prevent it do to the fight-or-flight mechanism that kicks in at the beginning and being too afraid. 

Recently, I had my most extreme sensory experience which led me to learn the word "hypnagogia" and understand what it is both in mystical and scientific terms (I tend to believe they are always connected).
It usually starts with sleep paralysis (historical reference: see Goya, Musgrave, Fuseli's paintings, Persian bakhtak myth, Chpt. 34 Oliver Twist is full on hypnagogia), which is a terrifying experience. But I've now learned, for myself, if I don't fight it to try to wake myself, it eventually releases into hypnagogia.

During hypnagogia, your brain waves become theta while you are still transitioning from alpha (wakeful waves). This is like entering REM while still awake. Theta is also what happens when someone enters trance. It can involve all of your physical senses, even synesthesia, and also produces more accurate auto-symbolism than dreamstate, also epiphanies occur.
It is known that it has led many famous artists and inventors to create their own methods to induce it for the purpose of inspiration (Salvador Dali, Edison).

One of the most fascinating things for me is that this tends to be the major source of witnessing "shadow people". For some reason, throughout history, all around the world, the same sort of hooded figures are seen. Are we influencing each other's imagination or is there something to it?

After my last experience, I am still deciding whether to intentionally explore this state more or if it could become dangerous or draining for me. My intention is not to lucid dream through this method, just to receive messages and inspiration.  
I deal with trance state a lot, but it is always in my control and on my own terms. Hypnagogia feels like throwing myself into the void, another dimension, where anything could come at me. 


Attempt to summarize my recent experience:

Breaking through the sleep paralysis, I had full control over my body, I felt and was sure I was 100% awake, but the world looked different. The windy thunderstorm and leaves blowing outside had come inside my house to create chaos, I was faintly aware of strange black sunlight and geometric patterns overlaying my environment. Smoke filled the lower part of the room. I had synesthesia, smelling sights and feeling smells etc. There was one large hooded shadow person in the corner, who somehow felt familiar and not so scary, almost protective, though in retrospect, should have been terrifying. After some time taking in the chaos and slowly understanding what state I was in, I heard a loud clear voice. This was new for me, and was the most chilling thing for me (the thing that later made me find more information to make sure I'm not schizophrenic or something).
It said, "we're here", not in an ominous way, more a simple announcement of arrival (it still startled me so much to hear so clearly). I turned my head toward my front door where there was a huge group of shorter hooded smokey figures overlaying each other. They repeated it, loud and clear. Then, they surged toward me (the movement in scientific terms is called the Tetris effect). They began to surround me and that is when I decided I had had enough of that world, I thought, if I can push my body through the ones standing behind me and lean against the wall, then they'd lose their physicality and disappear. That is what happened. I came back, and was frozen in shock for 30 min before I got up and immediately began to write...I had 2 -3 major epiphanies about subjects that had been hanging in my subconscious. 
While it was happening, I was sure of my physical experience and wakefulness, but as i write and speak about it, it does sound a bit wild. 


Thank you for taking the time to read and look forward to hearing other's thoughts, insights and experiences!

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This kind of experience, by people who don’t expect it, is probably the basis for alien (and fairy) abductions. Traditionally, witches are counted among the dead, but that count also includes the fay who were never human, free spirits, fetches, and personal (dependent) entities. So, the smoke figures may be free-spirits attracted by your aura, or they may be ancestors watching over your family, or personal spirits like a fetch who’ve attached themselves to your family and now you. None of those are intrinsically bad or troublesome. You won’t know who they are until you ask, and you don’t have to wait for a trance to ask them. Just ask. I’ve had things that never appeared in any way other than a feeling, or a shadow out the corner of my eye, that spoke up immediately when asked and told me their name. Spirit names are descriptive handles not like human names so if they give you a name you recognize, don’t just assume they are the entity that you actually recognize. They may just be saying they are like so and so rather than being so and so. The fact that they announced themselves so quickly on being seen probably means they don’t actually mean you any harm. Spooky things don’t always know how spooky they are. Also, disappointingly, real ghosts never say Boo.

"Spooky things don’t always know how spooky they are. "

good reminder :) 
I do know the name of the big one in the episode I described. But are you saying it might not be who it says it is? 
I've thought of him a bit like a fetch at times, or a grim-reaper-like-guardian angel haha...

But you're right, I should harness the bodily-fear reaction and just talk to them. At least mention, "by the way, when you say "we're here" all creepily and then whoosh like that it really freaks me out." 

Spirits recognize each other by nature. Verbalized names are a human thing. If an entity gives you a name, it might be a name they've used with humans before, or it might be a name plucked out of your head that matches the same nature as the entity. If a cat like thing says it's Bast, don't just assume it's THE Bast of Ancient Egypt, but you can assume it has a similar character to the Bast of Ancient Egypt. Even human spirits of the dead don't always go by their true historical names. Take it as a hint and handle not as a literal reality. Literal thinking is also primarily a human thing.

Thank you, this was really interesting and enlightening. It's given a lot for me to ponder on. It's alway been a question in my mind whether I imagined the names or not, but in the end, I would use them for myself as a simple means of keeping track of experiences and entities. 
Fits well when you are working with archetypes, to think of it this way. 
However, in this particular case, it seems I need to do some more digging about why the name that has come has come. It's in no way obvious to me right now, not one that I have heard used in any special way before. 

I took some courses by Crowley that I swear, I was in a state of hypnogogia through the whole thing! 

The Sufi tradition to which I refer was used in medieval Persian miniatures. I recently had a "fight" with a museum curator in Australia who staged an exhibition of persian Minatures in which there were many different turban colors and robe colors depicted with no mention of the Latifa traditions in the sinage. When I complained that the Latifa tradition was essential for the proper understanding of the art the curator replied that he was aware of the tradition but considered it "to esoteric" for the general public to understand!

Another usage of the hypnogogic state is for a form of creative visualization. This technique was "rediscovered" by Carl Jung as a result of his investigations into Alchemy and it is still used as a process in Jungian analysis and in certain traditionalist circles.

I have vague memories of noticing colored turbans but never thought of significance behind it. 

"too esoteric" pffff - who gets to decide that? 

Creative visualization - it should be related to what I mention in the original post about receiving epiphanies (particularly through auto-symbolism) and such. I've heard so many stories of famous artists and inventors creating their own methods to induce this state for the purpose of inspiration. Dali kept a chair in his studio for his mid-work hypnagogic naps.
I personally had 3 huge epiphanies within the 30min after my last experience. Things that had sat under the surface for a long time and I'd forgotten my subconscious was still mulling over. 


Runic Ashbash Comparison To Obri / Hebrew

Twenty Two Letter System

Value Of Symbols Equals Fourteen Ninety Five

( 1495 )



Next The Otherworld Tree With The Eleven Dimensions

And Runic Pairs Applied To Dimensions



Now A Formula From Our Tradition To Assist

Ask If You Want To Know More


Qlippoth = 626

Inside = 190

Shadow = 340

People = 340

= 1495


Enter = 240

Into = 190

Realm = 288

Of = 150

Qlippoth = 626

= 1494


Hypnagogic = 245

Pattern = 389

Way = 09

To See = 26

Qlippoth = 626

= 1495


Now Another Arrangement Of Our Symbols



This Arrangement Equals Numerical

Value Of Nine Nine Four

( 994 )


Hypnagogic Pattern Program = 995


Do Note :

Hypnagogic = 245

Deep Trance = 244

Red = 244

Over And Over = 244


Repetition / Iteration

Is The Way To Program The Subconscious


We Of The Paleolithic Wietchcrreayafth Tradition

Known As The Cult Of The Dead By Us

Used This Long Ago


The Vulture Towers Were Ours Long Before









I remind you of the words of Jack Parsons :


We are the oldest organization in the world. When man was born, we were.

We sang the first cradle song. We healed the first wound, we comforted the first terror.

We were the Guardians against the Darkness, the Helpers on the Left Hand Side.

Rock drawings in the Pyrenees remember us, and little clay images,

made for an old purpose when the world was new.

Our hand was on the old stone circles, the monolith, the dolmen, and the druid oak.

We sang the first hunting songs, we made the first crops to grow;

when man stood naked before the Powers that made him,

we sang the first chant of terror and wonder.

We wooed among the Pyramids, watched Egypt rise and fall,

ruled for a space in Chaldea and Babylon, the Magian Kings.

We sat among the secret assemblies of Israel,

and danced the wild and stately dances in the sacred groves of Greece.

In China and Yucatan, in Kansas and Kurdistan we are one

Very interesting presentation there, Shawn!

Is the "wellspring" site a construct of yours?

Thanks , Dave...;)

Yes , after 23 + years of teaching , mostly privately ,

I have a group on a friend's site , who was gracious

and supportive enough to offer me the cyberspace ,

and time to build it...( still very much in progress )

It will take years to complete , but being 63 , it was time

to download my information before my time of crossing over...

Whenever that comes...;)

I invite anyone here with interest and respect , to look into

what I offer , and the sister site owned by a member here on

Paganspace , SunKat...

It at one time was associated with Black Moon Nocturnal ,

which is no longer an active or existing site...yet it is a very

well created and informative site on it's own...

I enjoy being a member of both Paganspace and In The Dark...

And thank both Starr , and SunKat for their work and time...;)

I believe this might also help in understanding the

Qlippoth , and the relations and correspondences

via the Tree...


Further :

Note the column on right equals 1420 by number value ,

whereas the column on left , equals 75 by number value...

1420 = Complete Smoke

75 = Lucifer , Morning Star or Hues , Colors , Complexions

Thus , Smoke and Lights...

And shall we see ?

Hooded = 193

Figure = 336

Underworld = 804

Journey = 95


Understanding = 67

( related to third Sephirah Binah , as Light and Dark Mother )

wowow! thank you, my friend.


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