As a whole new topic, I thought I would repost something that Ashkoreth Dew stated in response to a comment by Sin Jones on the discussion "Is Reality An Illusion..." The title is really just I Am, and I put God in parentheses not to complete a sentence, but to define the combination of the first two words.

Here is what she said, and I couldn't have said it more succinctly myself:
I also believe that I am God, however I differ in the sense that so is everyone and everything else. What makes us unique is the significance, weight, if you will, and influence of our self-possessed spark of life. This multitude of sparks of diversity continually increase in both entropy and complexity at the same time. We are God becoming God.

It is my deep belief that each of us, as a spark of awareness, is a sensory aspect of an all-encompassing Awareness that most people regard as a divine intelligence. All sparks of awareness (plant, animal or star system) acting sort of like neurons, altogether comprise what might be likened to the brain of God. Through our eyes and senses, the All Of Everything is self-aware, with no limitation except insofar as each of us limit ourselves.

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If God is everything, then Good and Evil have equal value, so any sense of morality must have been ascribed by us, the participants. Is Morality necessary for the continuance of our social interrelatedness? If it is a survival instinct, how does this fit with an amoral God comprised of all our identities?

I think that the devine

   There are many that believe that the Universe is a living ,conscious ,thinking ,organism, and we are very much not only part of it, but also Are that!, By that I mean to say the energy that is the Universe, and Universe's consciousness flows thru us and permeates and courses through all things, everything, has a kind of consciousness in the Universe (Multi'verse?) Call it God, Brahman, SHiva, label it anything you like, these are human labels I think. Woman/Man/ people cant fully fathom it ALL with our limited minds, yet we can sure know and understand a LOT.

Some of the best Hindu Guru's when asked "WHo are you?, WHo am I?" they reply  "I AM THAT, you ARE "THAT WHICH IS", and all that can ever be."   Call it Divine if you wish, choose not to call it Divine, doesn't matter, THe Universe is alive, and if you drink in air, sunshine, water, nutrients from ground and vegetables, you are guess what? also the Universe. Just my thinking, if that sounds a bit pantheistic, then ok, just how it seems to me. If you are from your Source(whatever that is) then you are also 'spark of', part of Source.  Light and Love, Namaste' ./-also I think it was philosopher Alan Watts who was fond of saying "You are living and alive in the 'mind of God, itself."

Gilfur, thanks for carrying this idea forward. I differ from you in that I do not see a God as divine intelligence. Rather I see God as the combined aspects of all sentience, however minuscule or unobservable, which in turn further awakens all forms of evolving life, as a sphere of evolution that recycles everything, while every molecule and their underlying shared monistic qualities are the essence of all cosmic evolution, which are constantly replenished in an unfathomable grand universal cycle. A higher form of as above so below.

I agree with your beautiful vision, and I think that the idea of "divine intelligence" is what makes it self-perpetuating from the first instant of intelligent potential.

Honestly I'm still figuring shit like this out, and I'm glad that i am as the quest for knowledge is amazing!

I feel that each soul is a part of the same rock so to speak. You break a pretty rock apart you get a lot of 'jewels'. Normally the jewels we wear as 'jewelry' are cut rocks. Life is what cuts us and makes us beautiful, though each lifetime is different so even it is the same rock from the same big rock they are still different every time. 

So dont say 'see you in the next life' or 'maybe in another life' because even if you meet that soul again they will be different as you will be different. 

So cherish the souls [pretty rocks] that you know. Cause you will only ever know them like this ONCE in all the lives you can ever know them. 

I hope my analogy makes sense to everyone. 

You're saying that the personality you know as Will Hoyt is the product of the circumstances of living, and that we are battered and molded into the shapes that we're known by. I couldn't agree with you more emphatically that we need to cherish our relationships as we're having them, and not make the assumption that we'll ever have the same ones again.

Assuming reincarnation is true, how is it possible to know our friends across multiple lifetimes? One answer might be that each soul has a unique identity that is recognizable even beneath the layers of personality. Another answer is that reincarnation operates differently from we thought. I'll post a blog about my theory of resident identity.
"With all due respect, then, to the metaphysicians and religious idealists, philosophers, politicians, or poets: The idea of God implies the abdication of human reason and justice; it is the most decisive negation of human liberty, and necessarily ends in the enslavement of mankind, both in theory and practice."

"In vain shall we call and believe ourselves Atheists, until we comprehend these causes, for, until then, we shall always suffer ourselves to be more or less governed by the clamors of this universal conscience whose secret we have not discovered; and, considering the natural weakness of even the strongest individual against the all-powerful influence of the social surroundings that trammel him, we are always in danger of relapsing sooner or later, in one way or another, into the abyss of religious absurdity."

"And, since it is established that all peoples, at all periods of their life, have believed and still believe in God, we must simply conclude that the divine idea, an outcome of ourselves, is an error historically necessary in the development of humanity, and ask why and how it was produced in history and why an immense majority of the human race still accept it as a truth."
Well said, HP!
I assume from the quotes that you borrowed it. I'd like to know the source and its context, please.
Ok one second.
Mikhail Bakunin: God and State
Pgs. Apprx. 215-245

Great topic.

Even in the Sacred scriptures of the Old Testiment , in the Psalms it is written " Ye are Gods"  The Hebrew word is Elohim- plural form of the divine.  What ever or however we view God or the divine we are born with the sacred, divine essences, potential, which connects all of us to one another, the earth and the universe. We as humans are amazing  and we  create our own reality and destiney each day or we  are destroying it each day.  I think most do not realise the impact of little choices made each day  and the impact  they have on our own lives. We choose to create each day or choose to destroy each day.

Just my 2 cents.


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