As a whole new topic, I thought I would repost something that Ashkoreth Dew stated in response to a comment by Sin Jones on the discussion "Is Reality An Illusion..." The title is really just I Am, and I put God in parentheses not to complete a sentence, but to define the combination of the first two words.

Here is what she said, and I couldn't have said it more succinctly myself:
I also believe that I am God, however I differ in the sense that so is everyone and everything else. What makes us unique is the significance, weight, if you will, and influence of our self-possessed spark of life. This multitude of sparks of diversity continually increase in both entropy and complexity at the same time. We are God becoming God.

It is my deep belief that each of us, as a spark of awareness, is a sensory aspect of an all-encompassing Awareness that most people regard as a divine intelligence. All sparks of awareness (plant, animal or star system) acting sort of like neurons, altogether comprise what might be likened to the brain of God. Through our eyes and senses, the All Of Everything is self-aware, with no limitation except insofar as each of us limit ourselves.

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Gilfur Ashardi........some call IT - " the Source" - and I would guess that is rather correct to assume. I call it nothing more than Scientific Fact which Science itself, and mankind, and Finances, Govs, and religionist leaders of buildings alone, etc FEAR us realizing LOL. I Follow No Path like these however. I do use - " I AM " - a lot. It is on my website heading, simply because it either draws attention, or runs the timid to THINKING away fast hahaha....and I openly laugh at that fact because, after all, - " I AM " - for many, that is Outrageous for any Walker to allow himself to do, or laugh about doing. Why follow a school of fisheys, when you can eat freely Of YOUR OWN SELF first?


I do not Honor my - godhead -  for gods and goddesses are somewhat a GIFT to use as They Can and Wish even a moderate follower to so do and ask without the ancient stories all stated how They were to us each, so absently cruel and egotistical (most yes)...........BUT, I also do it 100% RESPECTING the POWER and Name we of each Gifted to them, thus they each have Become through US and Our Beliefs of Past and Present.........I tend to also increase caps for Major words or phrases LOL and a confusing manner of wording that Holds an intent.


My personal philosophy began as a mere baby.......somehow recalling my Alone mother, as my blood father left our doors behind a lot on the Service to Our Nation here in the states.....then as she worked 3 jobs to get US Kids more, and he seemed to go POOF LOL. (By the way, I Do Respect Real MEN LOL)


Women and girls Became Great Victors in my View, as long as they Could discover, WITHIN them, Their POWER TO STAND ALONE when necessary......or when mandated by trash they did not help to design. And when they can't Find that Within them..........I hurt alone, but I never feel guilt or sadness for them or any at all.


I came from........still come from area where The CHURCH and SOCIETY both would SHUN that Lady...yet, church we went to with her every time we would ask! Proudly, painfileld (Me knowing that from How she felt to me at those times), she would sit with us as this little fat boy (then) would SEE and Hear them, smell their trash and scent .......whispering their TRASH. BUT, she was made the FRIEND to so many by WHOM and WHAT and WHY and WHEN - SHE IS and WAS! (even by they who Judged I JUDGE; yet due to mom, I also know when to release that back to them, or to forget and forgive)


I am not preaching................sadly I Recall a huge amount...this comes out as I Know what it is I wish to say, to offer........due to ONE whom shall always remain nameless, and to my Mother who GIFTED ME LIFE and Freedoms!


Like thee, and all of creation, I am but Star Dust and Electricity.....and WE each should know HOW and WHEN and WHY to use all....may you and your WALK Fair Greatly So, Gilfur.




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