I don't know where to start...
I feel something reaching out to me but I lack the skill and knowledge to reach back out to it...
It's almost like an essence of something, I know and desire to reach out to this thing or feeling, I need help, Please help me get to this essence...
It's calling me and I don't wanna wait anymore....

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Have patience.  

You may not need knowledge or skill to make contact with it.

If it really wants to contact you, it will make itself known in ways you CAN reach back.

"I feel something reaching out to me but I lack the skill and knowledge to reach back out to it..."

You've already reached back out to it with your desire and intent. It has created an obsession, that may lead to oppression, then possibly fulfill itself through possession.

Honestly, you can explore whatever is calling you be meditation. Stare into whichever of the elements (fire, earth, water, air) and release your mind. If one element does not answer, use a second one, a third, a fourth or a combination of elements.
Try using cards to communicate and receive answers. It's possible you don't "speak the same language". That's one reason certain energies use symbols, vs words. Language has changed and developed so rapidly that words don't always have the same meanings. Much like symbols but you can avoid that by studying symbols in books or googling them. I also reccomend writing down a list of symbols (any image; flowers, animals, numbers, letters, whole words... etc) and determining what they represent to you. Once you set those meanings, your guides, or whatever it is reaching out to you, will know how to use each symbol so that you understand. Another way is using dice, cards or the time to "sum total" a number and researching it's vibrational meaning. 100% of the time the meaning corresponds with whatever you are thinking on or experiencing at the moment.


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