Or rather my husband did, it was under my altar all these months. Funny , I thought I had packed it way.

Here's the question , do you believe misplacing altar tools and then finding them later is just a normal occurence? Or do you think there's some sort of  mystical magical reason for it? At any rate, I'm happy I found it.

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(It can be both!)

My public group has a staff they pass to the next person to host a sabbat.  I had it in my possession and lost the quartz crystal topper.  I looked and looked and even looked some more several more weeks down the road.  One day I had a migraine and was laying on my bed with some amethyst on my head when my husband walked out of the closet and said "Is this yours?"  And there it was.  The crystal I had been looking for over the past several weeks in the exact same place I had looked over and over again.  I had searched the entire closet despite the staff being placed in one corner.  The crystal was in the corner opposite.  How it got there, I don't know.  Maybe it has wings?

Sometimes I tend to think that things get lost for a reason. By looking for the thing you've lost, you also find different things you hadn't thought about for a while, or had misplaced. Or that its something telling us that we need to have a place for everything. But then again, I have a tendency to lose things the second I put them down. Especially scissors. The binding spell on my keys has helped a lot though. Haven't lost them since October. (After the second time I found them at the bottom of my yarn stash)


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