As a child who grew up in an abusive household this video angers me....

I don't know if it's been posted to PS yet, but if it has then it deserves a second thread...




       I have never in my life ever wanted to physically beat someone, aside from my own alcoholic mother. People like this don't deserve to be parents....

What do you guys think? Should he suffer legal consequences? Is this acceptable? 


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I got beatings like that on a half regular basis growing up, but usually only when the cops dragged me home for stealing, starting fires, smashing out school windows, etc etc (my dad had a special belt with studs for said occasions, and even my grandfather gave a me lickin once, for stealing, when my parents were away on their honeymoon and he was watching us)


How do you know she's disabled and what did she do to get the lashing?

on the original video (which is linked on the guys profile) it says she has cerebral palsy, and at the beginning of the video above he states she was downloading music.

here is some links: 



3) copy of original video:



Hmmm, well, it may seem like overreacting but unless she paid for said music or game, it is theft. No different than walking into a store and stealing from the shelf. Theft is theft.

What else is there as well? He is obviously upset at her recent behaviour and not just the one lone incident. Even mom jumped in there all upset and smacked her, so it's not just the father.

Perhaps she needs to be instituionialized and sedated, for everyones betterment yes?  They are obviously unfit as parents and have failed in life utterly, so let's pass judgement now as a whole and correct this flaw immediately!!

Perhaps buddy in the video with the comic book collection on his bedroom wall could take her in and care for her for the rest of her life, hmmmm? He seems to care about her that much, let him foot the bills and make the sacrifices to his social and familial life. Her parents obviously can't, right? RIGHT?!?


Yeah, didn't think so.


Judge not lest ye be judged yourself


Are you GD kidding me....You seriously support these mutants ,,,Sacrifice thier social and familial life what a joke. We arent talking about junior high student council its called having a family....everything else comes second including you temper, your pride and your social standing.  This is a child not a dog that peed on the floor...Your right we pass judgement on them and iots about time                                                                                                                  How likely is it that a disabled child was able to hack a music or game sight. So it was either free or someone sent it to her and these aholes are beating her because it somehow violates their sensibilities
I wouldn't even beat a dog who peed on my floor like that.  It was cruel, unnecessary, and over the top.  Rob, I can guess what is going on in those parents' lives.  They are stressed, over whelmed, and unable to manage their anger.  That is no excuse to harm another living thing (just like being handicapped is no excuse to be naughty).  There are so many ways to punish a child, especially a teen, that does not involve physical violence and humiliation.  I will judge these people and they are bad people.  You would think a judge and his wife would be educated enough to know alternative child rearing techniques.   So what I am trying to say is that it doesn't matter what is going on in these people's lives:  a child abuser is a child abuser.  I think for people like this, having their faces and personal lives all over the Web is a good start at punishment for them.
"Take it like a woman"??? "Beat you into submission"??? I realize that Texas is another world....but this is VILE! What bothers me most is that her mother AGREES with her father! What in HEAVEN'S name do they believe they're teaching her?  This is living proof that just because you CAN have children doesn't mean you should. Children are a blessing and there are OTHER ways to discipline them when it's needed.
my grandfather beat me with a belt a few times and my grandmother stepped in and stopped him. im not sure how the mother can agree and even join in! its crazy how people can do this stuff to their own children.

>She does have a disability, which is something these parents obviously have no respect for


Which is probably why she had no respect for them in the first place about it.

Yeah with me it's my mom. I have some respect for her, but it's minute.

Just read that this happened in 2004. Apparently she held onto it so she could release it 'at the right time'. Father was saying something about her just being pissed about being told to return the car.


Things that make you go hmmm.

Father was saying something about her just being pissed about being told to return the car.


That made me suddenly rethink my kneejerk support of her as well.


If true, then she's screwed herself.  Her father will have to resign, no more money?  No more car for her regardless.  She's over legal age now and I think there is a statute of limitations on such acts.  She was so traumatized why didn't she turn this in the second she turned 18?  The timing is extremely suspicious.

Just read that this happened in 2004. Apparently she held onto it so she could release it 'at the right time'. Father was saying something about her just being pissed about being told to return the car.


Things that make you go hmmm.


Abuse, even in a slight form, can have lasting impacts on ones choices and views of right & wrong. Do I think she should of released it sooner? Maybe. But I can also see things from her point of view. IF I was beaten over something small such as downloading music/games my family disproved of, why would I release a video of the abuse while still in my abusers house? 

People have a right to discipline their kids as they see fit, but there is a line between discipline and abuse. He clearly crossed it and who knows how many times that was. 

But that's just my opinion. 




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