As a child who grew up in an abusive household this video angers me....

I don't know if it's been posted to PS yet, but if it has then it deserves a second thread...




       I have never in my life ever wanted to physically beat someone, aside from my own alcoholic mother. People like this don't deserve to be parents....

What do you guys think? Should he suffer legal consequences? Is this acceptable? 


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 was going to post but you beat me too it. I found it hard to watch myself. I was also a severly abused child. I  am a good mother to my son...   I understand e was upset about, what she did and he should of calmed down then grounded her and took her computer so forth. To me it seem ghe got  OFF  on hittiong her like my overly churchy foster father...  Heyy at least she  getting her justice so is he...

"Turn over like a 16 year old and take it like a woman" WTF.... I hope this girl was taken from them.... I thought the mom was going to come in and save her from the fathers brutality....."lay down or I'll spank you in the f'n face" WTF he hit her with the belt more than 15 times.....and the mother just had to ger hers in too (maybe thinking it would stop the father?)... then the dad just had to get ONE more "I'll beat you into submission".......over a computer...... SICKENING.... and this is a JUDGE?? Where was his 'good judgement' on this one...?" Because she used the computer and downloaded something and used a tone with her mom he didn't like?


He should be charged with ASSAULT and be held to the highest punishment of the law for this, considering was a judge..... no this is obviously not acceptable..... considering it's enraging others so much as well :P

this is not matter your morals or how you where raised.  there is no reason for a 16 year old to be hit with a belt then repeatdly going back to finish beating someone....just NO! my parents spanked me...but by the time i was 10 i got grounded....there is no reason the mother should have been encouranging it.....just

anger and this type of voilence towards your own 

what kind of crazy parents think this is acceptable by any means?

Horribly disturbing.


I could not watch it past the first couple of belt whippings.


I refuse to give in to the very tempting emotion of anger.


With no passion I can say that I believe the appropriate action should be for this male to stand trial for felony one assault. The parental female should be charged as an accessory.


I took a moment to look up the Texas statues and it qualifies. That would be 5 years to life in prison; if convicted.

Hope the sick fuck gets convicted and sent to jail. If this guy thinks it's fun to sadistically beat a helpless young woman, then I'm sure he's going to love when his buddies in prison do the same to him, hopefully with something alot bigger and harder than a belt.

He's lucky I'm not running the show, because if I was he would have already been sacrificed Aztec-style.

found an article related to this...


found another that stated the couple also had a 6yr old at the time....

Both of these parents need to be shot in the face with a shotgun.
I just happen to have a bull whip in my collection.. it belonged to my grandmother.. I believe it would get this "judges'" attention...
The video is over 7 years old so the statues of limitations on the crime has elapsed, also the blows wee carefully landed on the thighs and buttocks this is to inflict pain but not permanent injury this indicates that abuser was very knowledgeable about the application of pain.    My guess is that he himself had come out of an abusive background having learned to apply it himself.  His daughter now an adult (23), works part time in a video store, because he felt she was wasting her life he chose to cut off his finnacial support, she released this video in an attempt to either humiliate or blackmail.  In short we have a a realdysfunctional family dynamic here.  I am not condoning his actions but observing and commenting, what was done to her was criminal, her father was is a family court judge, so she no doubt had a good grasp of what the legal system was like and who and what degree of power her father yielded.  This occurred during Gov. Perry's watch, Texasduring his 10 years received many cuts to family services chief those which dealt with spousal and child abuse.

lso the blows wee carefully landed on the thighs and buttocks this is to inflict pain but not permanent injury this indicates that abuser was very knowledgeable about the application of pain.


Perhaps, but it's also the traditional place you spank a child.

I'd think this chap is going to pay in many ways for this crime, whether the time for a viable charge has passed by or not.


I would think he'll pay dearly for the rest of his life.

With what his daughter did I believe he is beginning to.


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