I need some inspiration for ways to Magickally aid myself without it causing harm

I am currently living in.My Mothers House in Lake Butler,Florida due to her Death on 12 October last year at 12:35 in the morning.

An old friend of mine with a Mentally handicapped son is the kind of person who can not let people do anything without yelling "Do this instead of..." no matter what she may be talking about, espescially when the other person is cooking she deliberately takes over and then says, I don't mean to take over I just like to cook.

she is controlling and constantly yelling inside and outside my house when she is here, its stressing mebto the point I have literally gotten sick as a result. If she would be more peacefull and happy I would not have any problem but I can't take this constant stress, How am I going to draw FAERIES to my Magickal garden when its all planted if all I have is a kid that makes me repeat myself all day every day and his yelling all the damn time Mom as the only people in my life.

I want an incense I can burn in the middle of each room that will calm anyone who smells it. She does not like White Sage for some reason,which makes me very suspiscious where her inner spirit is concerned.

Does anyone know any incense combo that instantly calms anyone almost instantly? I think the Maiden form of the Morrigan got offended by the woman I speak of constantly yelling today after I did that ritual tobhonour her. so as a result she is in physical pain because she hurt her back(sciatic nerve and her saying that "he ain't even called me a bitch in a long time" earlier about her son resulted in what I told her would happen
I say watch just because you said that he will probably end up saying it tonight or within the next few days. he did it tonight.

I need to cleanse her spirit and break any curse for lack of a better term that has caused all hee current problems and get rid of those problems for good if anyone knows how or has a Idea please put it on my homepage wall
Blessed be

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First, forget about the “harm none”, not only is it unrealistic, but it wastes your energy. If your intention is to make things better, then the universe is not going to twist that into something harmful.

Second, if you can ground yourself, then you can ground others. I know its hard to remain grounded in a storm with chaos all around, but it’s a very useful skill and one worth learning. Perhaps that’s why you’re in this situation. I know that when everyone is shouting and running around, if I mentally ground myself and bring internal calm, the people around me will begin to  calm down as well. When they yell, bring your voice down to a calm almost whisper, and it will draw them down with you.

As for incense try Lavender or just a lavender potpourri as the smoke from incense can irritate some people more. However, if the child is autistic, strong sensory stimulation like strong smells may make the situation worse.

I agree. Contrary to popular belief there is no "harm none" in Wicca.  That's a few words of the Wiccan Rede taken out of context. Most Wiccans I know strive to avoid unnecessary harm, which is a bit different than harm none.  "Do no harm, but take no sh*t".  

Why is this person living in your mother's home?

My friend Haley just got her son back from being baker acted in a hospital because he grabbed his aunts throat to keep his aunt from scratching his Mothers eyes out then a week after she got him home after almost a month because he yells and screams "I wanna go home" whenever he can't do so and can't see his Mom. Dcf decides(Adult DCF as his Mom (Haley) calls it, said she had to get a better situation for him or they were going to take him and put him in an apartment by himself. she asked me to give him a place to stay so she does not lose him.

To comment on the other guys reply he is not autistic, his Mom has no prob with incense only white sage. Alex has something called Di-George syndrome and some other mental conditions I can never remember. a brain tumor, and a heart condition.

In my opinion Alex's better situation would start with his mother shutting the hell up. Personal opinion of course. Mentally disabled kids (no matter their age) do not handle screaming or being screamed at well. Actually I don't know anyone who does handle it well except the people that scream all the time maybe.
As for calming down this woman maybe telling her to quit screaming would be a good start. 
As for magical, you control your household energy so set it to calm and keep it there. That calms comes from your energy and radiates out. So it starts with you. Ground and calm. Lavender in any form is calming. A gentle but direct reminder to Haley to be calm wouldn't hurt either.

Alum sprinkled in the door way into Hayley's room will help keep her mouth shut. A bit of Alum sprinkled in the entrance door ways to the home can't hurt either. Side note don't let the pets lick it up. Not dangerous, but it will put a pucker on their faces for a bit.
If you get the mother to calm down you will see a huge difference in the child. 

Thanks for the suggestion,where do I find Alum? I sent her a text at work monrhs ago telling her not to yell if she wanted to be in my house,she constanhly ignores me. even when I try to be nice and calm and reasonable she is such a loud angry person I keep staying angry and can't ground and center anymore.

I bought a pound of white sage around February or March and I am out of white sage completely. I had bought a smudge stick of it at the same time. I ran out smudging when she went to work every day or smudging myself after showers or smudging my room to calm down.

She won't let me control my own household she orders me around and yells and when I am buying things confuses me by back seat shopping then yells at me for spending all my grocery money,she acts like an asshole and expects to have good things happen to her and that I am her best friend? she treats me like a victim and does not even know how she makes me feel because she is impossible to talk to avout things like that.

You can find alum in block form in some specialty stores. It's also most common in the baking aisles of grocery stores, as it is used for canning to keep pickles and things crisp. I wish you luck in your situation!

I have had great luck with an incense made with equal parts of parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme (yeah, just like the song!) and it just calms down even a houseful of people in no time at all and lowers the stress levels.

I used readily available dried cooking herbs and ground them to a powder together, then burned a 1/4 teaspoon on a charcoal and smudged the house. It doesn't smell distinctly of sage, so the chaosreaver may not notice it in the air, or you could smudge the house before she arrives and again after she leaves.

It will definitely help calm your space and make you comfortable, whether it will help any issues the chaosreaver has is another story....some people won't acknowledge even to themselves that something is wrong and, in that case, nothing will help except in the short-term. As for the boy, it may calm him down as well, though I haven't been in a situation to test it for a medical condition. Good luck and blessed be.

Thanks I will give that a try yhis weekend And let you know how it works


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