I noticed that alot of spells ask for to give the spirit rum? Why?

Why do spirits like rum so much?


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crap. so much for Jimmy Buffet ! always good spirits there.

I am c/p'ing info I shared in a very similar thread: 

Indeed, tinctures are very beneficial "potions" and medicines as well. The alcohol in tinctures will preserve the roots, flowers, minerals, and herbs therein. But consider also this... alcohols for centuries (in the English language anyway) has been referred to as "spirits" as the liquid is distilled from grains, fruits, and sugars... seen as the "spirits" of such ingredients. Alcohol is also a drug. That is an indisputable fact. Consuming it causes changes in perception as any drug does. Many pagans, witches, and especially shamans believe that drugs can be useful in spiritual pursuits when applies appropriately. They are a physical means to force our brains (our physical minds) into perceiving elements of the spiritual plane around us while on the physical planet we regularly experience. In some practices, alcohols are offerings to spirits and deities. The best way for me to elaborate is by describing an example of some of my personal practices. Papa Legba is a very close spirit guide of mine. He is a Vodun spirit and sometimes accepted into Hoodoo practice as well. Since his time in Haiti, he has grown fond of rum. It makes sense as most rum in the world for centuries was ran through if not made in or from sugar harvested from Haiti and surrounding islands. Also, Legba has always, ever since Africa, had a helluva sweet tooth, so an alcohol (spirit) distilled from molasses would definitely intrigue him. I take some sips of rum and then spray some from my own mouth into the air over the candles I've lit for him. It brings him closer to me. There are many more symbolisms within this practice, but I will end here and hope that anything I may have just divulged will help you in the future. Blessed be, all!

I supposed I ought to continue blogging things like this here that are kind of FAQ, so feel free to find a friend in me here!

Why do spirits like rum so much?

Because they have good taste.


I believe it's because rum is good.

Yes, rum, the good spirit!

Cool     thanks for the info....

Maybe these spells have Caribbean roots or were adapted by those with Caribbean roots and from there spread abroad?  Maybe  Rum was pretty cheap and plentiful in the places these spells originated , the drink of the common folk, or was the customary drink of the homeland of people one was most likely to turn to for a working and it just got carried forward into modern times?  These are some reasons why you see rum in spells today.  Sailors have traditionally been superstitious people and likely to want a charm, talisman against bad luck which they took back to their native lands.  For the formative years of the New World and for Spanish, Portuguese, French, and British Sailors, the Caribbean islands were ports of call.  I could see how it might be that rum could come to be used in spells because of this and because many Caribbeans found themselves in the American South , New Orleans for instance, and the American West, who spread out through the country from there as time passed.  Some of their spells must have been carried in succeeding generations all over the world, working their way into folk tradition, I would think. Some might have been adapted to their new environment while others kept rum in the formula.

lol actually I was doing and experiment one time, I conjured the Daemon Beelzebub to see if I could get an evp of him. I made an offering to him which was some steak, bread, and dark beer. Amberboch to be specific. Well anyways I felt his presence when one of my candles fell over for no reason. (I couldn't debunk this either) Anyways I asked If he liked the beer and I captured a raspy voice that said It's good. lol. Anyways I honesty believe spirits enjoy any kind of alcohol as long as it's decent. Who turns down a free drink lol.

You may well be right, magus-steve.  There is old cultural lore that is carried forward through generations that give the caster an indication of what sort of tribute a given deity would be most likely to appreciate but that does not mean that what is recorded as being the preferred libation of a given deity is the only thing that Deity would enjoy.  If can develops a relationship with a Deity, I expect one could learn a lot about that Deity's preferences.  Some are easier with which to develop a relationship than others and ending that relationship if one chooses to do so can be an education in itself.

May you fare well and may your experimentation be fruitful.

Doesn't everyone?!

Seriously though :P I'm guessing it has more to do with the idea of you giving up something of value to them. I could be wrong of course, but in my experience it's more about what's meaningful on your end than what they like specifically. Of course, there are always rules and guidelines (you don't want to do anything offensive after all!), but for the most part it's about the spirit in which you offer something than the details of what you've offered from what I've seen.



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