If you didn't live in a house or apartment, what would you live in?

My wife and i are super interested in alternative dwellings. Now mind we live in a hostile climate that alternates between winter and mosquito season but still we keep exploring the options. We're not worried about no running water or toilet facilties.


There's yurts, kinda neat but very basic. Good point about them is they are very mobile in that you can take them down and set them up quickly.


Hobbit holes, side of the hill - rounded ceilings, darkish and a distinct lack of windows. Fun idea, bit claustrophobic.


Log cabin. Sturdy, rustic, certainly natural and they are low impact.


Travel trailer. Cheap, mobile, lots of potential for amenities like heat and water storage, even inside toilets!


Do you have any ideas of alternative dwellings?


What would you be willing to live in for say, up to six months?



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My Mom and her husband are building what they call their hogan. It will be a big rounded building partially underground. They have drawn their inspiration from Native American kivas and hogans. It will be really large when finished and once complete, they plan on living in it long term.

They both look very interesting. :)

YURTS!!  ALSO in WALES there is a community of in the hill shires!!  My DAVID is into the wind energy too and has a few ideas ......I would ideally live in Scotland 6 months and the Carribean 6 months

I would only live in a hobbit Hole if it was like the ones from the Shire in the movies.


I have always been interested in living on a house boat.




I would live in a van... a cool looking hippie bus 

I'm planning to buy a camper van in the future, and live in it, at least during the summer :)

My SON in Colorado lives in his camper.....$200 a month.LOVES IT

He's at a year round campsite. He has propane. There are public showers,hookups,ect. his friends Mom owns it. He has plugged in at friends' before and used their water.

HE says its toasty and he's always upgrading it,too......He owned a condo and hated it. He's a mountain man......

I've actually pondered what it would take to buy mountain real estate, and start tunneling like the Dwarves of fantasy. Make myself a nice hall next to an underground lake kinda thing.

Started thinking like this after watching a movie about a solar flare roasting Earth, and the only way to survive it would to be waaay underground.



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