I really am not sure what is wrong with me lately, but I cannot seem to accomplish anything. I spend almost all day sleeping and if I am awake, I am mad about something. I have been angry and sleepy from around a week now. There is nothing that seems to make it any better. I will get mad over things that don't even matter to me and argue with anyone about anything. I am not normally like this at all. It is stressing me out and stressing my husband and our friends. I don't know what to do or what is the matter. Anyone have any suggestions? Anything that can bring me energy or understanding? Maybe something that can just calm my nerves? 

I have also been dreaming much more than normal. I get so enveloped in these dreams that I don't want to wake up. They do not seem to have a common theme, but they are keeping me from feeling rested at all. 

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could be physical - illness, stress,trauma - how are you feeling? have you experienced trauma?  Could be something interfering with you as in some form of spirit? 

Need more info than what you have given here

Probably clues in the dreaming - are you keeping a journal?

not feeling ill and no trauma. I am stressed because I am feeling the way I am. I am just sleepy all the time. I am not angry when I am alone, but when I am around other people, I just get mad about everything. 

I remember my dreams fairly well and I am going to use some books I have to see if there are any signs in them. I am hoping it is nothing spiritual, but I would not be surprised. I am just overcome with irrational anger and almost blind rage...

Personally, I have no use for dream books - instead I am a dreamwalker which means to walk the dream and look for what is happening.  Most dreams (not all) are the way you speak to yourself - you take memories, images, words and make a story out of them in order to speak to yourself about something.  Dream books use symbols that rarely, if ever, mean anything to the person reading the book - your symbols are your own and you won't find them in any book unless you write the book.

Thanks! I never thought of it that way. 

This sounds like a form of manic depression, though I'm no doctor, a difficult situation to deal with if it is the case. It's hard for people who don't believe in medicating (not that I personally think it does any good with the actual problem)

It's common to become enveloped in dreams with the disconnect to reality establishing as sort of a natural defense.

I've seen it before, there's no easy cure all, but identifying what it is in life that's causing sorrow is ultimately the key. I'd advise taking sometime to yourself and looking at what's going on around you, & see if it fits with your emotional needs.

Hope that helps lass'

Thanks. I have been worried about that for some time. My mother is manic depressive. But, I have not had issues like this before and there is nothing in particular that I can think of that would be causing this right now. I was extremely happy last week and then I just woke up mad at everything.

since there a history of manic depression in the family, I would getting a check up from your primary physician first.  If he doesn't come up with anything, you can seek other options.  You might speak to your mother and ask if there was a particular time (events, age, etc) when her issues peaked - it may match issues in your own life now (looking for triggers).

The only problem with that, is that my mom thinks everything in my life is on track. Which it is...except for this rage thing. I would not want her to worry at all. I don't want to add any stress to her life. 

Sometimes we might not even be aware of what's causing unhappiness, manic depression especially is very curious on that front.

If you're not opposed to counsel, I would advise seeking out a psychiatrist that specializes in the field, someone preferably outside of your age bracket as well. As it will give them a better outside opinion to help sound out issues.

Again, not a doctor, just good at reading people a bit :P

And sooner, rather then later, the longer you take the more the situation can root itself so to speak.

Either way, you have my thoughts aimed at your health and happiness lass.

I have been toying with the idea of seeing a psychiatrist for awhile. This might finally push me to it. 

Ain't no harm it, you seem like a sound minded person that would benefit from good advice/counsel. Good luck :)

From a nurses point of view...this could be a number of things. My first thought is depression, it can come on for no apparant reason and will make you physically ill. You could also be anemic (lack of iron) either way, I would make a doctors apptment.


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