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I wouldn't want to bite her for fear of rabies.

A friend of mine grew up around black bears.  He always said when encountering one you could just stand your ground and maybe slowly back off and let it go about it's business.  He also said that they will often stamp their feet and woof at you to let you know they don't want to be bothered and you need to back off.  He said that if you felt brave enough that you could do the same, stamp your foot and woof at them to let them know you don't want to be bothered either and they needed to back off.  Either way, if the bear reared up on it's hind legs you were likely in trouble about to become lunch as they were preparing to charge you.  The same if it had cubs, you were likely going to end up lunch.  He told us these things while we were hunting grouse along the Canadian border in Minnesota in case we separated and happened to encounter a bear.  Now moose encounters were a whole different story.

Yea, I'm about 45 minutes from black bear country, which coincidentally, is where I really love to go hiking. Bears usually run the other way, unless you come in between a mother & her cubs. I'm usually well armed for just in case.

I've read that to keep Bears from bothering you it is advisable to wear bells on your clothes to make noise and if they do get close use pepper spray on them.  

You can tell you are in Black Bear country by their feces which has the bones of small animals and berries in it.

You can tell you are in Grizzly Bear country because their feces usually contain small bells and smells like pepper spray.   

Yea, make sure the wind isn't blowing your direction...

In case of bear attack....

I had never realized that if you waved your arms that bears could actually recognize that you were human.

Apparently, this is a human behavior.

When I was stationed at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, there was this Redneck Bar close by post and once in awhile a guy would bring in this little black bear in for wrestling.  $200 dollars to the guy who could wrestle it down and pin it on it's side.  Lots of Paratroopers, and Rangers, and Special Forces guys tried, and this little bear always had them on their hands and knees behind and on top of them in the doggy position.  That guy made a fortune off of that bear.

The bear was muzzled and apparently declawed.  No one was ever seriously injured. 



Yea, I'm sure lots of drunks tried. I'd think you'd have to have some real grappling skills, not to mention sober, to pull that one off.

ok, as a nerd and a geek i had to post this after seeing that news report.  it's on a site called Funny Junk.


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