does anyone know of an incense for smudging the house that will give a person good active energy. White sage gives me peaceful energy but its more passive than active.

During public rituals being smudged with white sage occurs during activity that raises active energy and
when the ritual is over I always feel like my energy has beendrained I am that sleepy.

I want something to use to smudge the house that will keep me active and awake longer instead of being so sleepy I go to bed at 7 or 8 I want to get the same feeling you get when you walk into a ritual supply store like Nu Aeon or Artemisia Botanicals or Crow Haven Corner.

I can't stand waking up at 4:30 or 5 and going to bed at 7 or 8 because thats when Mom got up and went to bed when she was alive.

I am so sleep most of the time my eyes blur too quickly when reading or sending messages that I type on my phone keyboard.

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Have to say not a Fan of Sage for many reasons...

I tend to make my own from ingredients that serve the proper use and need...that said, not many folks are inclined to now-a-days work on such Magickal processes...and so op for 'Quick and easy - plus Fast' Solutions..

Would suggest an Incense (Stick) form that carries aspects of a Cleansing - BUT also draws in Energies that take place of what is being 'sent away' (Cleansed from the area).

At my Etsy store you will find many Incenses that will serve that purpose to a Tee..

Fengshui 5 in 1 (Earth, Fire, Water, Metal & Wood) creates a Balanced area - drawing together all the Elements into one supportive play...

Honey-Rose - brings about the aspect of Sunshine - activity, and Peace - the Hive of Bees following the Sun..

Magic Broom - Sweeps away - and then allows you to ride high...

Seven Chakras - Awakens you internally - and then evolves to the active Wheels of Energies beyond...

You could also browse through the VAST collection of Herbs - and put together your own Incense ingredients..

OR - check in on the Resins - and initiate their magickal assistance..


aka Lise

Stone Dragon Valley

thanks Karen I will try that is a grind setting on a blender ok I do not have a coffee grinder I buy coffee in ground form

thanks for the suggestions LIGHT when I started making candles, I wanted to eventually make soaps and incenses originally I bought a pound of jasmine a pound of rose petals and blossoms and a oound of rose hips intending to make my own essential oils never got around to it but I still want to do so.

if you can think of any ingredients I can put together myself let me know

Just thought of something even though I smudged and purified this house many times over this past year since Mom's Death I ended up getting up and going to bed the same times as Mom is it possible her energy embedded within the house is influencing my waking and sleeping times and is there a smudge that could aid me?

Bath fresh warm water of 1/2 cup baking soda Arm & Hammer and 1/2 cup sea salts do the bath right before doing to sleep. Do not do anything else besides sleep straight after this balth. It is from the book by Draja Mickaharic - Spiritual Cleansing you can see sample pages at Amazon of this book.You can light some white candles next to the bath. Candlelight is good.

Bowls of banishing vinegar to keep your house tranquil, white plain vinegar with rosemary and angelica root. Refresh after some days. Keep high up if you have pets/kids.

Sometimes the demised visit depends on how thight the bond was/is.

Pine resin preferably fresh harvested from a pine tree is very energizing for body & mind & spirit.

I usually do small pieces in a oil burner they melt in the hot water and release the fragrance. Lasts quite a while, when scent gets low add more pine resin bits.

Moving sleeping time is a bit of effort so try moving half hour later than like 2 or 3 days later on  go 1 hour later, slowly moving the time of going to sleep.Do pleasant relaxing things before sleep time.

 Well hope this helps.

You can certainly use the Herbs you purchased in the making of for a Coffee Grinder, pop into the local Thrift store - you may by chance find one extra cheap...

Smudging tends to be a Herb that can be 'Wafted' - or carried and used as a form of moving is the Ritual cleansing of the Mind, Body and Spirit, a truer definition which tends to get lost in the act of how most see it today...

To 'Smudge' takes on a different value - its word Power means to make blurred or indistinct.... messy..

 Taking Karen's suggestion one step further - add with the Lemon and Mint - * Lime Powder (Dried Lime Rind) - cure for insomnia - used in Dream Pillows, so as to fall into enchanted sleep and * Thyme - used for healing, also to promote peaceful sleep, brings financial stability, brings about strength in magickal workings ~ Strength & Courage.

I realise that these two in fact encourage 'Sleep' - but they also 'repair' sleep issues...
Adding in Sunflower Seeds - is the nay or yey - as Sunflower is the Circadian - Clock Rhythm - which will assist in recalibrating the body's natural Time values....

I would certainly step back from the 'Smudging' - maybe allow yourself to recalibrate - you are kinda-of wiping everything out and that sort of leaves a Vacuum - which eventually gives way to maybe something you would not care for....


aka Lise

Stone Dragon Valley

Wow - you go to sleep and stuff because a ghost wakes you up ? Me too- mine basically stalks me all day. Glad to tune in though hope you write more!

Have you checked your health first?  


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