Hello. I’m not very good with introductions or with describing myself, but I’ll try here.

   I’m a writer from Minnesota, and for several years I’ve been researching metaphysics, the occult, and general witchcraft history and practices for my novel, and beginning almost immediately I realized just how noble, beautiful, and wonderful the facets of these spiritual pathways really are, so I’ve decided to follow one of those routes myself, if only to find a modicum of peace. I’ve been keeping a dream journal for several years, and it has been a wonderful tool for stories and for introspection (which in all honesty, I detest). Dream working is a large element for me.

   I’m still very indecisive and uncertain about things; I don’t like the idea of following a pathway because I’ve scared myself into it. I know also that I have some personal issues that need to be burned away (I feel that they’re not important enough to warrant admission here) and I hope that my contact with this world—by that I mean socializing with different and similar pagan communities—will help me ease out of the existential nihilism that I’ve believed in for so long.

   I hope that I haven’t insulted anyone with this meager introduction or painted an oblique picture of myself. If I have then I apologize. I just hope to talk with some people and maybe make some friends. I don’t know.


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You're absolutely correct. Thank you.

Welcome and Merry Meet!


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