i got a message telling me to get my blood on paper,tape a bit of hair and sign my name on it..after the cutting and all that,even hyde(to clear any confusion,hyde is the name given to my demon side)was wary of it all...i was told it was for a protection spell but something seems off.can anyone help?

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You got a message, as in the demon told you to do this?

no,my friend texted me with the instructions.figured why not at first,but after almost everything(i still have the paper)it seemed off for some reason

What are you protecting yourself from?

my friend wants it for a protection spell to use on me...so ive been told.it kinda seems off partially because i cant be killed anyway haha

Your friend sounds whacked.  Usually when people ask for fluids and hair, its to create a vergence between you.   While it's used in sympathetic magics, if your gut is telling you something is 'off' you should listen to it.  

vergence?sorry i dont really understand that part,and yea that i do haha..not so much a gut feeling as the voice also saying somethings wrong(i also hear voices,though it only gives advice).thanks both you and Rose..i should probably get rid of the paper now haha

Vergence, is a connection with reciprocal return.

really?....so its just another human tryin to mess me up.heh,thanks.ideas for vengeance are already forming

yea she is

yea,shes kinda my ex lmao,but weve always been on good terms,though she really bothers me sometimes.i dont really see much need for a protection spell(plus i have no idea what im doing ^///^)because if someone wants to try something,ill have to do my best to not let hyde kill them

from some things shes said the first part might be it but no idea.the other,i really doubt,again from things she says and from how things had always been between us.again,thanks to both and SIN for also showing me what that meant haha..ive never been asked about the hair or nails but i dont let anyone near my blood,im always too busy drinking it if possible.eh,maybe ill just get rid of it all


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