For the past two years I have been acting as an agent for Genocide Watch International and, being a South African, am in the "fortunate" position of being able to render weekly reports to the organization concerning the on-going genocide of the Whites in this country.
This has made me somewhat unpopular with the Marxist regime in power here. The last thing they want is for the truth of these murders to leak out to the International community. Death threats and warnings have been rained upon me with ever increasing monotony. The last one received was on Saturday in which I was warned that, should I send any more reports "they" would make sure that all communication with the outside world would become a thing of the past for me.
This morning I sent the weekly report of the 17 farm murders, committed over the weekend, through as usual. Within ten minutes my account at FaceBook was revoked, sans any explanation.

This leads me to believe that FaceBook is, di facto, more interested in bending the knee to terrorist regimes for financial reasons that what it is in protecting the right of the world to hear the truth. Could this not become a very dangerous problem for non-Christians on said Site in a fundamentalist Christian/Islamic dominated government? Will non-Abrahamic theists (Pagans), atheists and Pantheists find themselves in dire straights when airing their views on a Site such as FaceBook?
What are your views?   

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I live in the U.S. and though we are seriously becoming a Big Brother country I don't think FB will be deleting anyone's account here because they are sharing Pagan or anti-Christian views.  We get more hate from local churches than mega-social networking sites.

Please be careful what you do.  Spreading the message about the atrocities your government is doing is noble, but extremely dangerous.  It's happened here most recently that a few good men came forward with damning information about the U.S. government and their lives have been turned upside down.  If you're going to inform people about what's happening please try to be safe about it.  As safe as you can be. 

Thank you Joy. I appreciate your concern. However, you know the old saying, "All it takes for tyranny to flourish is for good men to do nothing." In the short space of time that the ANC Marxist regime usurped power in SA over 1 million people opposing this abomination have been murdered. Might not sound all that bad but when you consider that the entire population is only 52 million......
The International community is under the false impression that "post apartheid" South Africa is a happy, prosperous and peaceful nation. Nothing could be further from the truth. What people forget, or are unaware of, is that the ANC and the apartheid National Party joined forces to become a single party in 1994. The only difference is that the International plutocrats now control the mineral wealth of the country.

no one  is  immune.  and  *HUG* for what  your doing.

Thank you Azriel

Possibly, but could you please extrapolate?

Yes indeed Spooky. I agree totally with you. Well said.

If you were in hopes that FaceBook was a voice for the common man, a place where anyone from any culture could voice their observations without fear of consequence, I'd suspect your hopes have been dashed to the grounds and then some. The almighty God of Funds rules and the internet is not so noble a forum as to be above such considerations.

Aah, yes indeed my dear. Although my confidence in the human race has never been all that strong I must admit that I was somewhat taken aback at FB's attitude. What does surprise me though is the fact that somebody in the security forces is under the impression that this move on their part will actually stop me. Silly blighters. The "discontinuance" of my, and other's, FB accounts is nothing more than a slight irritation. FB was never used by any of us for purposes other than friendly social exchanges. We were well aware that any mention of the letters "ANC" on FB were immediately reported by some "search-bot" to the NIA.

Yes, and I need or cc# n personal info to make sure....ur uncle died in Africa!!!!!!!!!!

I'm not quite sure what you are getting at my friend. Being of Egyptian linage, and able to trace my roots back to Imotep himself, I am rather sure that at least one of my uncles would, in all likelihood, have perished in Africa over the course of the past 5 000 years.

Well, to tell the truth, I had just "recovered" from an attempted hack. However, the shear volume of people being "expelled" from FB due to anti-ANC stance as well as the fact that all the people that I know who are sending reports out of the country in direct defiance of a law prohibiting South Africans, other than government approved agents from doing so, also experiencing this sudden "clamp-down" leads me to believe that it is not simply a hacker but rather a deliberate and organised attempt on behalf of the Marxist regime to silence the voice of the citizens.
I could be wrong Nephele but I sincerely doubt that.
Incidentally, the people that threatened me were the NIA (National Intelligence Agency).


Yes indeed Nephele, a simple GOOGLE search will reveal these atrocities being committed. It is people, such as myself, that keep the "information highway" informed of the latest occurrences albeit indirectly.
As to my being sure of the source of the threats? Indeed I AM sure. I happen to know these NIA agents personally and they, in turn, make no secret of the fact that I am one of their "targets". These threats are not anonymous and are usually given face-to-face. 
The hacker that attempted to make my life miserable was apprehended by the SAPD. This was a school kid "fooling around". 


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