Considering the effects of obesity and diabetes on american society, i was wondering if foodcould be classified as a drug?

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Sweet...know thyself

I've been studying the properties of foods for years now.  Most pharmaceuticals are not needed.  If we adjusted the different food chemistries we could get by with a lot less meds.  There are some issues that cannot be fixed by foods and for these a medicine could be utilized.  Now, that means 90 percent of drugs could be gotten rid of.  The dietary changes aren't that big either.  Things like consuming the skin of the carrot or fruit could make a baby aspirin unneeded, but these are treated with chemicals to keep them from looking bad.  Increasing sulfur foods would also reduce stroke, but you would need to boost foods containing molybdenum like Oatmeal once a week and coco wheats or cream of wheat one other day of the week.  I can go on and on.  There are multiple options for many things.  An onion is a very protective thing against cyanide in the body, grapefruit juice shares this chemistry.  Coffee can neutralize the aflotoxins of many bacteria and some fungus. 

Food, or some types of food, can be considered drugs, just like anything else. Usually it is not about a physical dependance, it's mostly your subconscious mind telling you you need to have this or that (ieg. chocolate, ice-cream...). Most of the times, compulsive eating has something to do with affection-related disorders, food working as a placebo of sorts.

Withdrawals from "food dependence" can kill you.  If you were to alter your diet in a certain way too quickly, it could cause a stroke for many people.  If you change from diets rich in antihistamine foods and start consuming high amounts of histamine foods, it can kill you.  This is because the body stops making natural antihistamines if we consume a lot of them and this could cause a problems if they disappear. Cravings are an important part of our survival, so is our ability to properly taste food.  Moderation with everything keeps you healthy.

Foods that hijack our cravings or have tastes other than what they are, or our bodies identify the food with, can cause metabolic issues to form.  Spices that we put on foods often create a link with the food itself.  Like poultry seasoning on chicken.  Most illnesses are caused by metabolic issues.  Most antidepressants are needed because of metabolic issues or missing food chemistry because people have been led to believe these chemistries are bad for us.  I could write fifty pages just on the use of tyramines and glutamates in the body, and how unbalanced consumptions of these can cause problems.

Now, eating less than you should can trigger the body to store fat.  Fructose triggers many people to store fat.  I know quite a few people who eat a high fat diet, and they are skinny so consuming animal fat does not make many people fat.

Nope, it just means that the person can't lose weight because the body enters a mode to reserve food when it gets it and makes fat cells.  Most heavy people actually eat less than many skinny people do.

  The first thing that goes when a person isn't eating proper amounts of food and is too skinny is rationality.  They lose comprehension and parrot a lot of what they hear without evaluating the information properly.

  Some people have metabolic problems that keeps them from loosing weight, and some people take medicines or eat food that is supposed to be healthy but actually is not for them.  Governments tout foods that calm people as healthy to promote civility, but these foods can cause problems in some people who are already calm by genetics.  This makes people who are troublesome a little calmer but makes people who are naturally calm fatter and sicker.  A lot of added chemicals to food do this, they choose preservatives that calm over those that make us healthier all the time.  Then many people need medicines to counteract the side effects of this food chemistry. 

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Food is a huge turn on for me...many people use it for many forms
Oh yeah???? I've got strawberries and whipped cream
Certain foods ,such as chocolate,coffee, drinks with high fructose corn syrup and preservatives such as MSG, contain drugs and are abused. They have a far more detrimental effect on society because they are not viewed as drugs.
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A good rule to follow: if your great-great grandmother would not recognize it as food, do not eat it.


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