I have heard so many different points of view on this, and it still confuses me. I enjoy reading all the names that people come up with and seeing just how well they fit each person. I have done extensive research on the subject and seen so many different ways to come up with names. I have been trying to find mine, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not that inventive. I have been unable to come up with anything. I tried the numbers thing and to many other things to post but still nothing. Then I got to thinking about it and Patti is not my real name anyway. Maybe it's been the right name for me all along. Let me explain what I mean there. I was born Jolene Patrice. My mother's name is Joanne and everyone called her Jo, so not wanting two Jo's in the family she shortened my middle name to give me the nick name of Patti. I have been Patti since the day I was born and didn't find out that I had another name until two weeks before kindergarten. Of course I was 5 then and when asked which name I wanted to go by I chose the cool new one. Some of you might know that Jolene is a Dolly Parten song, and this meant that everytime a new teacher saw the name they had to sing the song. Of course this lead to public humiliation and a reason to resent the name. Then I got married and moved away from my family. My husband (now ex of course) became abusive and refused to call me a name that my family lovingly gave me because he couldn't stand my parents. He insisted on calling me Jolene. So while the name Jolene certainly shows my true southern roots it became a name I really can't stand. So everyone I know simply calls me Patti and only my true friends know that it's not trully my given name. For me Patti fits me better as, in my opinion, the name Jolene suggests a prim and proper southern girl. In actuality I'm the biggest tomboy you've ever met. Patti to mean suggests a cute fun loving girl. I like cute, better then pretty or sexy because to me cute is sexy. But there's nothing magical suggested in the name. So am I missing something here? Am I suppose to come up with something magical? If I did I'd want it to have something to do with water as I'm a double water sign (sun and moon) and I feel drawn to the water, but I can't come up with anything.

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Thank you Wesley. That helps some.
I agree. If you feel comfortable with the name you've found, then go with it.
agreed.....and I'd avoid those popular names (you know the joke about one of those names being called out at a festival and half the people turn and look).
And, I'd say that Patti is your real name. You seem to like it and you've gone by that for so long. Sometimes we have nicknames that become our real names, or at least one of our real names. I've gone by Rob, Bobby, etc.(real name Robin). I'm comfortable with them all. Both my parents go by their middle names. Seems normal to me.
As for magical names, sometimes it takes a long time to find one. I'm sure the more anxious you are about it the less receptive you will be to hearing it when it does come along. Just my 2 cents.
Sometimes I think that if you ar emeant to have a craft name I think it will just come to you as if called by the spirits. Or if you have a totem. I've seen no rule that says anyone should be called by anything other than what they would like. But if you ever wanted a new name, it can be a living symbol of your rebirth. I have a craft name, but for practical reasons I just use my real name. Blessed Be.
Thank you all so very much. You have all been very helpful. There was some very good advice in all this. I think for now I'll stick with with Patti, if I do choose something else I will keep Patti in the name. And Lycan you are exactly right. That's actually exactly how I found my man, and I do believe that we don't choose a certain religion, it chooses us so, why should a name be any different.
There you have it Patti, if you want(or need) a magickal name one will come, otherwise Patti sounds just as great....As for your being teased about Jolene(which I happen to like that song, Dolly's not Olivia Newton-John's), try having the moniker of George.
Now George is Old English for husbandman/farmer(never tried to grow a thing in my life.....well,except pot back in my younger days), I've had to put up with;
George Washington...Georgey Girl....George of the Jungle...Curious George....Georgie Porgie...Boy George(GRRrrrr, REALLY hated that one)....
Georgie Porgie stopped when the kids got to the part about "kissed the girls and made them cry" I'd throw in "for more" before they could continue....
Anyway, I ramble, so don't sweat the name thing,m'lady. Patti you are. I chose my name because it is two things I like; Mozart and walking in the rain..
Peace and Blessings
Well Amadeaus I guess you got me on that one, lol. You poor thing. Loved the way you fixed the Georgy Porgie thing. However I can one up you on that. My maiden name is Whisenhunt. See if you can figure this one out....Whizing (sorry I can't spell today for some reason) and a word that sounds like hunt but is another name for a woman's body part. Figure that one out, lol. Children can be very cruel at times.
LOL, O.K. that one is bad. But you know us men...spend 9 months trying to get out of there and the rest of our lives trying to get back in. LOL
My last name is WHITEFORD......Black Chevy, Purple Dodge, Pink Cadillac,.....Yee Haw....childhood was so much fun { he says sarcastically} : )
You don't have to pick a magical name. Seems that Patti fits you just fine. I have encountered to many people using lame magical names, trying to give themselves status or rank. Just remember to be yourself. Don't let people force you to pick a magical name, those people are not your friends and should talk to the hand.
Wow that was a wonderful reply. Thank you. Personnally I feel that little fish was the best character on Nemo. I can connect with her too, maybe not as good as you but pretty darn close. I don't know how many times I was in the car (fixing to pull out of the driveway) on the way to the store and one of my girls runs out to give me the grocery list I forgot. LOL
I agree as well. If you find a name, no matter how you come to it, (or it finds you), and your comfortable with it, then use it. It certainly is a personal choice, neither way is right or wrong. My name came to me during a shamanic experience. In ti, it showed some of my roles i played in past lives, as well as some of my spirit guides, and thus the name was given to me by my guide.
I've always had a bit of an identity crisis when it comes to my name. My family never actually called me by name unless I was in SEVERE amounts of trouble. Which means I heard it maybe three times until I turned six. LOL. I was always "Bookworm", "Kitten", or "Alice", since I loved Alice in Wonderland. Imagine my confusion when I was told that "Renee" (named for my father's ex girlfriend and meaning 'rebirth') was what I had to write in school.

My mother re-found the obscure Jewish side of the family when I was seven and decided that Jewish was the way to go. And so the name I never identified with was tossed by the wayside for "Shoshana", which means Rose.

And when I was completely done playing nice Jewish girl in public, I had NO idea what to call myself. I still don't really. My nome de plume is Belladonna Bones (WAAAAAY before that Twilight shtuff came out). When it comes to a magickal name, um...I'm still searching for one.

I'm an artist, writer, Cancer, and cat lover. I'm still working on finding the "right name" for me. Heh. Good luck on your search!


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