I have heard so many different points of view on this, and it still confuses me. I enjoy reading all the names that people come up with and seeing just how well they fit each person. I have done extensive research on the subject and seen so many different ways to come up with names. I have been trying to find mine, and I've come to the conclusion that I'm just not that inventive. I have been unable to come up with anything. I tried the numbers thing and to many other things to post but still nothing. Then I got to thinking about it and Patti is not my real name anyway. Maybe it's been the right name for me all along. Let me explain what I mean there. I was born Jolene Patrice. My mother's name is Joanne and everyone called her Jo, so not wanting two Jo's in the family she shortened my middle name to give me the nick name of Patti. I have been Patti since the day I was born and didn't find out that I had another name until two weeks before kindergarten. Of course I was 5 then and when asked which name I wanted to go by I chose the cool new one. Some of you might know that Jolene is a Dolly Parten song, and this meant that everytime a new teacher saw the name they had to sing the song. Of course this lead to public humiliation and a reason to resent the name. Then I got married and moved away from my family. My husband (now ex of course) became abusive and refused to call me a name that my family lovingly gave me because he couldn't stand my parents. He insisted on calling me Jolene. So while the name Jolene certainly shows my true southern roots it became a name I really can't stand. So everyone I know simply calls me Patti and only my true friends know that it's not trully my given name. For me Patti fits me better as, in my opinion, the name Jolene suggests a prim and proper southern girl. In actuality I'm the biggest tomboy you've ever met. Patti to mean suggests a cute fun loving girl. I like cute, better then pretty or sexy because to me cute is sexy. But there's nothing magical suggested in the name. So am I missing something here? Am I suppose to come up with something magical? If I did I'd want it to have something to do with water as I'm a double water sign (sun and moon) and I feel drawn to the water, but I can't come up with anything.

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Patti ~ Patti is a fine name!
Also (not trying to be rude here) but my son's name is Patrick and his grandfather and great-grandfather who were Irish came up with the name Paddy. As he got older he didn't like it but it stuck ... never know what's really behind that name; now you got me thinking. (And to be honest for my son it was better than the nickname 'Tricksy' I gave him LOL!)
Anyways a magickal name is not necessary. Mine was dubbed to me by a friend because I like to garden; yet a completely different name that I don't even use was given to me when I was initiated. That name I keep to myself and those that know me here. Otherwise I like the name I have and the name my friend dubbed me with "The Green Lady". I just went with it.
It's not necessary and from what I see I think you have something already....
And if your guardians shrugs and says "How the hell am I supposed to know, it's your name!" and goes back to fishing in a lake I don't think you should be fishing in?

And if our names come to us via our actions, mine is Cassandra. Lol.
A name is just a symbol for you, what is behind the name (you) is whats important not the name itself.

I can understand how taking on a magic name for rituals would work, like putting on ritual clothes you put on a ritual name. It assists you in attaining a different state of mind.

On the other side some people just use a magic name for the same reason they are involved in magic/occultism/witchcraft in the first place, they just want to feel special, and end up creating the most cliched absurd names imaginable.

Its your choice, but remember it doesn't have to be mystical sounding at all, there are more than enough "Moon Raven Skyhawkes" or what have you around as is...yeeesh I know really bad fantasy writers who can come up with more original names.

Look through literature on various subjects that interest you, research the names of god/esses who have similar traits to you. Just look and you will find something that holds resonance, just don't get impatient, finding the name may take some time.
My theory is, if you NEED a magical name, one will come to you. I DO have one, but only trust it to a few close friends whom I trust, because it's the essence of who I am. I suspect that if you ASK the powers that be for your magical name, you'll receive it...but it may be nothing you'd expect and whether or not you accept it is up to you. Whether you use it online or only with those whom you trust is up to you as well...as is how important to you it is. LOL! Geesh! I guess this really isn't much of an answer, is it? LOL! Sorry!

I've been teased alot about my picking the name Belgarion for my magickal name, but it really spoke to me when I read Eddings books and I do not care what others think about it. It is the name that means something to me and if others cannot handle it then it is their tough luck. Of course I also have another magickal name I do not tell anyone as a type of psychic self defense mechanism also.

You can either pick a name from a book, a pantheon or something totally whimsical, or even go with no name. The choice is entirely up to you. What matters is does it speak to you?
Do what makes you feel happy! It so happens Happy-Majical-Dorkus was taken so I had to go with Johnny.............{8-o)


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