Wyze Wyzard posted a topic about who follow3s the Wiccan Rede and who does not then staed he ainly wishes those tha follow it to respond. I am nae a Wiccan but a Druid, so I responded as follows, "Wyze Wyzard, I am responding to state that your topic might apply if there were nae but Witches here but your exclusionistic attitude smacks of Fanaticism and Exclusionism. I am a Druid, a Celt and I dinnae think this site would be pandering to such Exclusionist thinking perhaps they should rename the site WitchSpace and let the rest of the Pagans ken tha we are nae welcome. Your Exclusionist topic has made me feel most unwelcome on the site. I shall voice my view to the Admins and based on their response I shall determine if i wish to remain on the site. You trying to turn this into a pseudo Christian site with the various factions fighting each other?" Are there others that believe his limitations violate the freedom of expression and exchange this site is supposed to represent? If so please share that here if not share that as well, I do not discriminate against my fellow Pagans regardless of Path!

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HOW YOU preceived it Lilly,I preceive alot of things here too and I have been wrong.......and right I DIDNT say it......
many of us here are Wicce or Wicca...simply because it literally MEANS the word witch..but many of us do not follow the coven based belief systems, nor the family based ones..Gardner's Wicca is a family based belief system..it was Gardner's perception of what he believed. I would not have responded to questions regarding the Rede because while i incorporate some of what is said..my life is lived on a case by case translation of a situation. Sometimes..to help someone you HAVE to cause them harm..otherwise they cannot be helped. Sometimes harm, can be caused by an inadvertent action which causes a ripple affect that could not be forseen...i take these all into consideration..i will not speak a troth or a pledge that i know is not possible to stick to.

Also..there are MANY here who are not witches..the Nordic branches of worship do not consider themselves to be witches..neither do the satanists (for the most part) neither do our agnostic or mystic Christians..nor the druids...

I personally do not believe the Rede..excludes anyone..you have to believe in it's words for it to INCLUDE someone..i choose to be excluded from any contract or thought process that dictates my perception. So do not look upon it as a personal hit.. It's just like when anyone talks about their religious troths..it is up to the person as to whether or not we feel insulted when we are not included... I choose not to be, and usually enjoy reading other's perceptions on said topics.
they do not use the term because they do not wish to be associated to the Gardner sects...nor the Alexandrians... I simply do not care what the stereotype of the word is..nor what it has been morphed to mean..it's kinda like the Italian.."Streghe"..it literally means witch..however, most within Paganism assume that it refers to the cross between christian and pagan worship which has existed in Italy since the time of the Roman Conversion..but ..if u ask an Italian witch..they will refer to themselves as Streghe..and can follow whatever call of the craft that they hear..
yes..am very familiar..but the word wicce itself..is an old English Term..and was around LONG before Gardner..as well as the word Wicca..that is Middle English.

My gift to you....an olive branch....don't make me have to go find the whole tree....hehehe
You are being a fine peace maker Ms. Gwen......no worries.......
Well someone finally notices...yippie.... I thought for sure that I had everyone with the cat and his barbie doll...:)
As stated ONE comment up......"You are being a fine peace maker Ms. Gwen.......I noticed.
ALAN.I did not accuse YOU of being an ELITIST because you are of a trad coven or not. i did not accuse you of being an elitist period.Why did you think I did? WTF are you thinking?
NOT agreeing with something is NOT bashing it,it is NOT agreeing with it,this is not a difficult concept.
I DO disregard how the OP put that discussion out. PERIOD! I'm not backing down from that. Predujice,hell no,just rude to exclude certain folks and include others.
Reply by AlanHeartsong: Manwitchlicious
Actually, I said I don't want to be accused of being an Elitist when I'm definitely not one. That's just slander.

Well dang it I am and dang proud of it, come look at me ride in my New Limo, lol! ........ ........ Not! Just joking I am who I am. I can't change my past and how I was rasied or what I became. I only Learn more, which we all should!

Blessings and ((HUGS))


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