Wyze Wyzard posted a topic about who follow3s the Wiccan Rede and who does not then staed he ainly wishes those tha follow it to respond. I am nae a Wiccan but a Druid, so I responded as follows, "Wyze Wyzard, I am responding to state that your topic might apply if there were nae but Witches here but your exclusionistic attitude smacks of Fanaticism and Exclusionism. I am a Druid, a Celt and I dinnae think this site would be pandering to such Exclusionist thinking perhaps they should rename the site WitchSpace and let the rest of the Pagans ken tha we are nae welcome. Your Exclusionist topic has made me feel most unwelcome on the site. I shall voice my view to the Admins and based on their response I shall determine if i wish to remain on the site. You trying to turn this into a pseudo Christian site with the various factions fighting each other?" Are there others that believe his limitations violate the freedom of expression and exchange this site is supposed to represent? If so please share that here if not share that as well, I do not discriminate against my fellow Pagans regardless of Path!

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Why are you tryin to speak for me Arachneh? REALLY? Did I say that? You know I didnt.......Why All the needling ? Just wondering? I find it most interesting how you just cant let this go......
No use for what? Nyx's guidelines? I didnt say that....You made that assumption......Tell me about my behavior.I'm all ears......??
the first pope would be Pete Pathfinder Davis at the ATC

Pagans don't have popes and some have the rede and some don't

what Druid path do you follow since they have as many as the Witches do

Edward Arch Druid of the Druid Clan of Dana-Fellowship of Isis , Ireland
Na.I love to talk! Simply,grande discussions and great folks. I take care of my 91 year olde DA,so i'm home alot. I look for the "encouragin" discussions,ya know......
What the hell does Praxis specific mean.tell us uneducated this pleae so we dont interfer ever again......
Cracking up........
I saw the thread in question and didn't think it was a big deal. Everyone here walks their own path, which is why this world is such a unique place.

If you had posted a thread asking say for example... "Anyone here like purple kilts? I only want to discuss purple kilts with people." Is it exclusionary? No, cause you are looking for a discussion with those of a like mind. Oh well, to each their own I guess.

P.S. Yes I do like purple kilts ;) Heck I just love the colour purple!! :P
There is a Clan that has purple kilts.oh gee I must look......Farquar,mayhaps?
Thanks Sir Scorp./us simple Witches just may not know that!!
:) make that 1 more
Lilly gets it!! Slainte darlin!!


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