Wyze Wyzard posted a topic about who follow3s the Wiccan Rede and who does not then staed he ainly wishes those tha follow it to respond. I am nae a Wiccan but a Druid, so I responded as follows, "Wyze Wyzard, I am responding to state that your topic might apply if there were nae but Witches here but your exclusionistic attitude smacks of Fanaticism and Exclusionism. I am a Druid, a Celt and I dinnae think this site would be pandering to such Exclusionist thinking perhaps they should rename the site WitchSpace and let the rest of the Pagans ken tha we are nae welcome. Your Exclusionist topic has made me feel most unwelcome on the site. I shall voice my view to the Admins and based on their response I shall determine if i wish to remain on the site. You trying to turn this into a pseudo Christian site with the various factions fighting each other?" Are there others that believe his limitations violate the freedom of expression and exchange this site is supposed to represent? If so please share that here if not share that as well, I do not discriminate against my fellow Pagans regardless of Path!

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Define predjudice.to me it is a preconceived notion.i like to look at each individual,not a group as a whole.that is predjudice.so YOU feel I look at a group as a whole and LABEL them? No I dont....jerks in every path......not limited to any
GWEN..TOO CUTE!!!!! Thanks.........I like the deringers better though......
Reply by Arachneh 2 hours ago
Please show me, Lass, where Alan or I (or any of the handful of BTWs
on this site) have told you they have all the answers, or acted like they believe they have all the answers, or opened threads or posted blog entries insisting they have all the answers.

I submit it's a prejudice on your part.

Now hun, I will say only from what I joked about a moment ago I never heard my voice reader say she (Celticlass) called YOU or Alan a ELITIST. so why question her on this. I don't agree with a lot she says and she don't agree with me either a lot of the time, but it is only opinions. Is this not what we are here for? if not then please tell me why we are here!, the hurts, bitching and so on needs to go on all parts so if something does come up the the Admins can deal with it without shuffling thought more BS. Yes this includes me too. Not Stupid yet I'm I yet I don't think!

Oh I could have an elitist attitude I'm sure At times,but then i come right back down to the fire pit,Sir Scorp......ANYONE can be an elitist if they think they have every answer all the time.....many of us are guilty of that,at times. I understand secrecey......and I am NOT good at keeping them!!
As it is your noble right.....I dont,though I can respect what you are saying......I believe Mother Earth gives us so much and i share what I can with as many as I can.Can i tell someone HOW I work magick at times,no.I guess that is a secret unto me.my power as I believe we each are our own source of power and radiate out.
The trad witches just said they dont want to be elitists..ANYONE can be an elitist,path makes no difference,it is the person that puts that forth.....A elitist,to me,is one that is above others,I dont buy that.we are ALL of the same cloth......
Imagine YOU not thinking I said anything relevent Arcane,aye,I'm sure to you it wasnt......We all have our own perceptions of what is important and what isnt,dont we? I generally believe WE ALL have things of importance,value and knowledge to say on these discussions.........THAT is the way of the wise not the ignorant or the unknowing.....
This would not surprise me thats ALL you WOULD remember Arcane........really,it would not........
Whoaaaa horsey!...I'm an ancestrial druid witch who enjoys joining together in fellowship and ritual with my wiccan friends....At this point in my life I could be a HP in the Wiccan Chain of Command (sorry force of habit) but I donna want to be. I ken what yer saying Sir Raibeart, but you ken as well as I do that Druids pay respect to christians and are very open minded. 'Tis what's troubling you is that most of the topics are influenced by Wicca...'Twould be so for I think the majority of folks who post on the discussions are witches and wiccan, though there are others who post as well. I would be greatly hurt not to be able to spend such a good time on here with all my friends...for I don't even look to see what pagan path they follow, I'm more interested in what they think of life in general.

There are several other druids and practioners of druidry here....and the oldest Druid Order, The Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids, located in England has recently dedicated a page and links to a new path called "Druidcraft", which combines druidism and witchcraft.

I think that it presents a new and unique challenge to answer wicca based questions from a druid's point of view....who knows maybe someone who is Wiccan would like to learn more of the druid path.

Tis just my humble opinion....Gwen
Well I think I'm just spinning my wheels here...but hey I got the reply button to work....and my horse is cooled himself and I'm ready to ride off.....lol
Sir R doesnt even want to respond on here,though he started it,being new,bless his heart,he thinks it just too damn nasty.poor laddie.hell,I dont even know what a Dharma group is....
It was HIS take on the original discussion on the Wiccan rede and he felt it excluded folks. He can have his opinion on that,whether you agree or not......thats his premise,isnt it?


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