The Neopagan movement is thought to have created a class system, especially with regard to modern Witchcraft.

Would you consider this a new phenomena or rooted in a historical premise?  If you see evidence of it, do you support it or seek its destruction?


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Created a Class System? I can't even imagine where you get that idea. Maybe if you run covens, or are part of some other idea that might support the idea. Outside of Wicca, it has little to no influence as to class in general society. To call it a class difference would be more than too strong a word I would think.

Maybe more clarification?

The whole "Salem Witches" got me thinking about it.  I wasn't speaking to a class system at large but within Neopagan circles.  In Salem, there's most def a class system.  I wonder if that weird sort of thing happens in other areas.

Some people see a power struggle of classes based on economic status, being sources of information, elders, event coordinators, and stuff like that.

 A class system of witches o-o..

is there a Gandalf status of witchery involved? 

Systems are entirely based on speculation and perception if not one, it is the other. o-o 

Either way im Gandalf

The only way I can see a class system is heredity or who started what coven first.

What the Hay; I learn something every day, and as such, my expectations

and assumptions change.

 With 50,000 individuals the chart is going to leave some out.

  Do not need 'Bean Counting' methods!!!

 Live and Practice Free of others & trust yourself

Sure, there will always be people who feel the need to compete to be better, more powerful, more respected...and they are idiots.  I think most pagans do not engage in this behavior and it is not rooted in history.

  As a young teen the pride of accomplishment when I swam my

first lake mile, with Three others is a major confidence builder.

 That achievement allowed me to blow off criticism and just be me. 

Yes, doing it for yourself is always the best way to earn pride.  Some people just have personality disorders.


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