The Neopagan movement is thought to have created a class system, especially with regard to modern Witchcraft.

Would you consider this a new phenomena or rooted in a historical premise?  If you see evidence of it, do you support it or seek its destruction?


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Thanks Luc for that. A little logic is in order.

What I said after that bit was that we have a lot of books that act as Bibles. Stores often fill the role of community center for Pagans. I didn't say it didn't exist, just that it was different.

Isn't say, you're average Witch Coven, pretty much the same?  Not necessarily different.

Okay, point taken. Again I am still thinking things through in regards to your original question.

This is definitely not what I would consider a class among witches. The hierarchy and so on maybe. You status outside witchcraft certainly wouldn't have anything to do with it. Anyone that thinks they have status because of money or power should never be a witch in the first place. That kind of thinking is against the basic principals.

they what?  eh..been around so many Playgans. i stick to myself and a few decent folks.  haven't noticed this, but anything is possible when involving the human animal.

whats a playgan?

The Class system demonstrated may be more authentic reconstructionists looking down upon and attempting to 'educate' - Hot Topic Goths. Eh?

well, the ones i've met were being "pagan" for the party. not the magic necessarily or the actual religion aspect..just for the party even though they mouth the words n such. 

  the Playgans muddy the water..and  some not all!  they end up giving paganism a bad name, or when something happens they don't like or scares them they go running back to their previous religion if any and  bad  mouth paganism. 

  you  know what i'm talking bout yeah?

that there is  my  opinion alone and  comes from massive experience with lots of twits.  

In a word, posers and plastic pagans.  All show, no praxis.

Is there a class system? is that where people have class and act respectably or is it something diff?

I think it's very simple. There has always been a class system, and there always will be, in every society and tribal system that ever existed. Whether it be a hierarchy, or a class system to whatever degree. It is mainly a matter of economics, but power and control are factors,

Frankly, I have no idea what neo-paganism has anything to do with it, but if you are aware of anything we can compare a class system to, as opposed to a society that does not recognize "classes", I would be interested to know who the latter is.


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