Ever since my son was born December of last year. I tried my utmost best to incorporate magick day to day so that I could care for my son and do magick. It has been rather challenging because when he is asleep I lift my weights and condition my body to be more fit so I can take care of him. As for magick or doing simple exercises to enhance my senses. Is there anything you witch mothers out there can give advice on involving simple exercises I can incorporate throughout the day? I feel the need to get back into the groove of magick and also continuing on with motherhood. Any exercises you pass along to me I can pass along to my son when he gets older.

Thank you very much. Blessed Be.

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Yoga is considered to be an exercise both physically and religiously speaking.
Having a child is somethibg a truly ambitious witch wouldnt do. Or any sorcerers.
So says the guy.

How many famous/infamous/literary and otherwise witches are indeed mothers?

How many famous/infamous/literary and otherwise socerers are indeed fathers?

How truly insulting!

Leave out the ceremonial stuff and go simple.

That was beautiful! Well stated! :'D

Depending on the tradition you follow, your idea of spiritual exercise could vary quite vastly from another's. I understand your challenge, though; demands of family (and often, employment) can put personal development on the back burner.

If you don't have many opportunities to practice uninterrupted, find ways to bring your little one into some aspect of your spirituality. To help stay connected, I've set up a subtle second altar space in the common area of my home. It includes representations of the elements, candles, and a burner for incense. What's nice about this is being able to share it with my daughter. Being nearly two, she doesn't yet understand their significance, but she enjoys watching the candles flicker and pointing at the swirling smoke from the incense cones. At bedtime, I'll sing my daughter soothing songs that I normally utilize for ritual. I don't often do any meaningful ritual work or meditation until she's sleeping, but being able to connect throughout the day makes it easier to ground during my downtime.

Have you tried reading up on the hedgewitch tradition?? When it comes to that balance those hedges have a great thing going. And concepts that can be applied to any spiritual magickal type practice. Helped me a ton.


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