Iwork as an activity director in a nursing home and enjoy it for the most part.   But the local Baptist church comes in two times a week and I have to be there to observe the residents and help them if necessary.

This week one of the speakers was complaining about new laws (I'm assuming any that don't follow christian fundamentalist views)  She went on to say that polititions should not listen to what the American Public wants, but should only follow what is written in the bible.

This is a widely accepted opinion of many leaders and member of this particular church.

Anyway, my blood pressure rises and I want to tell the that I like living in a democracy and if they want to live in a theocracy move to Iran, Iraq and now Egypt.  Oh and don't forget their burkas, forget about having employment outside their homes, or even having their daughters learn to read or right.

Why are some people so blind to the dangers of a thocracy as a form of government.

thanks for listening,  Maria

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Can you not speak up and say something?  You're the director.

No I cannot, I really need to keep my job because my husband lost his.  My policy-don't bite the hand that feeds you, meaning my employer .

I agree  it is ignorance and such...

The elderly I work with do need and should have spiritual and religious programs, their emotional and spitiual needs are the important. I do put their needs first as a care giver and a therapist. 

Still I do get a bit frustrated and only posted this rant as a healthy way for me to vent and not take it out on the residents I do really want to serve to the best of my capacity. 

People believe all sorts of crazy stuff.

Part of being in a free society is living with them expressing those mindless ramblings.

I look at it like being quite similar to an Asperger syndrome teen explaining "Spider Man" to me.

Can it get annoying? Sure! Thing is the kid is really into "Spider Man" and they've anchored to that.

I see a lot of the big time bible trumpeters doing the same thing, only it's socially accepted by boat loads of people that "Jesus" is/was/will-be-again; whereas "Spider Man" is pretend.

You are correct, residents do have a right to meet and only those that are interested attend these bible studies.  I do not make commants or critisize any speakers or any residents. 

This was just something that was on my mind alot and I thought if I vented I could go back to work with fresh attitude having vented to some of the few people who might empathize.

This is a widely accepted opinion of many leaders and member of this particular church.

You acknowledge it as an opinion.  So what's the problem?  You don't like this person's opinion, you don't like that the opinion is shared by the leaders of said church.  You disagree with a society led by Theocracy, ok?  You believe these folks are blind to the dangers of theocracy.  Did you voice your opinion, or allow it to fester until you got home to create this post?

As an Activity Director, are your personal opinions restricted?

Was this opinion expressed at the podium, or in passing conversation?

If it was expressed to the group, how did the elders respond?

My opinions do not count.

Yes this was the message from the podium and in conversations among volunteers.

I just needed to let off a little steam to individuals what might empathize.  I want to start the new week fresh and positive so I can be of service to those I work with.

What if they don't consider it rubbish?  Shouldn't they have a right to decide for themselves if they want to listen to these religious leaders?

Voicing an opinion is by force now?  Everyone has opinions, it just sounds to me like the OP just didn't like the opinions expressed.  If the Elderly are not religious, what was the Church leader doing there in the first place?  I would think an Activity Director organizes activities for them, do they not?  

Or the director could just ask the preacher to stick to religion and not politics since not all of the members there might agree with his politics and that might be upsetting to some of the members of the nursing home.


The elderly are a captive crowd there and they could completely opt out of his preaching so he needs to be reminded of that.

I'm a nurse at a long term care facility and can relate to the OP.  That being said, why say anything at all to the visitor?  Sometimes we as caregivers just need to vent which is all the OP was doing.  Saying anything to the visitor would be more trouble than its worth and what if they complain to the director's boss?  There is not enough gain in this situation to do more than vent somewhere the OP feels safe.


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