Ok there are plenty of other religions that push their beliefs at you. However I'm wondering if anyone here does the same? It's like like you see a witch or Pagan go out with a book of shadows, knocking on someone's door and saying "Merry Meet, I would like to talk to you about Paganism and My book of shadows." Now seriously I know that NO ONE will EVER really do that, but I'm asking point blank... How many people here honestly around friends or whatever say yeah well being a witch is great.... this is why blah blah blah? Do you PUSH or do you sit back and answer a question or two when asked?

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Nice way of putting it
"stuff like that, not the door to door thing. I always found that highly invasive."

At least I'm not the only one
No. Part of the 'test' involving accepting someone for training requires that they find their way to their proper teacher(s) with no hints being given. The Spirits and Energies trigger and send people to pagan paths. Active human proselytizing would interfere with this.
I've heard that before, but frankly in some ways, it sucks. When someone doesn't even know what questions to ask, how are they supposed to find a teacher?
I agree here... if you don't know what then how are you find a teacher?
My position is not 'I am not going to tell a person anything' if they ask me. It is, rather, I am not going to tell them anything before they ask. Proselytizing is just the opposite of this-- it is telling people about things that they have not asked about and/or have no real interest in knowing. It is also an intrusion upon the spiritual sovereignty of the individual by the proselytizer, as the proselytizer is presuming that s/he has all the answers, and that the individual being 'missionaried' doesn't.

What I do is wait, and I let the Spirit-Guides of the individual bring them to me. That's the test, the 'Salmon's Leap', and it is for the seeker to make the leap upstream. It gives rise to a connectedness that is really very Magickal when it happens, because it is self-validating-- the seeker says to the teacher 'I couldn't help it, I knew I had to come here', and the teacher says to the seeker, 'I knew it would be you who came.' Because the meeting of the two happens by Magick, Magick will in turn flow and grow within the relationship.

On the other hand, self-advertising completely undercuts the ways of Spirit, and tends to attract the merely curious instead of the spiritually driven.
Very well put. I do however enjoy the bow before me tid bit
Well... I see a red door and I want to paint it black. Nah. Actually I don't particularly care what anybody believes. I'm terribly libertarian about that. I used to argue about semantics a lot and I stopped doing that when I came to the conclusion that all of these arguments are concerning the finer points of invisible and irrational things.

Nothing wrong with being libertarian about anything really.
i dont announce to people that im pagan but i do always have my pentacle on so most people ask me and i have no problem telling them. but as for my friends most of them are different beliefs then me so so we love talking about all of the differences and whatnot. i never try and push my beliefs on them but we love sharing with eachother.
I always wear a pentacle as well so it brings up a lot of "questions" when someone notices it.
So I've learned


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