hey all, so all my life i have had night terrors. but lately they have been getting a bit strange so since im not to keen on speaking with doctors etc. i figured id ask you all and get your honest opinion on ( pardon me if i get off topic i have so much that im trying to make sense of. ) alright so since there are so many i figure ill start off with the most recent one that i can remember. so from what i remember i was being chased by someone and i was on the back of like a jeep. i remember being shot at and ( i was not driving) i remember i was going through like a wheat field. i remember jumping off of the jeep and running and being shot at, i remember i was missed a few times but i remember beign shot in the back of the head, and going through like a transformation. i remember that both my arms and legs grew longer and i developed like a jaw and tail i remember chasing the people who had shot me into a tunnel. and thats pretty much all that i remember because shortly after that i woke up. but all of my life i have these strange dreams like this and they dont quite feel like a dream but they dont feel real either like something completely different. like i know that im dreaming but somehow i cant control anything thats happeningish if you understand what i mean. but the next day i went to my moms place and asked her what she thought it ment. well all in all we talked for a bit and she began to tell me that throughout my family weve been able to do stuff like see things in our dreams before they happen or heal ourselves. etc. she also told me that as a baby i was able to do things that she couldnt explain. so i guess what im trying to figure out is what the dream means or is trying to tell me, and if say you had special abilitys that had been repressed is there anyway to reawaken them. ( also alot of times i feel a reall strong calling to things like the air and water and fire and trees etc. so i fanyone has any ideas on that as well. ) im not to familiar with wicca and all and no ones really showed me anything so i dont know what most of it all means. 

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alright thank you i wasnt expecting so much fact. 

This is an awesome history lesson for dream interpretation.

Skull Man, I would be inclined to blog this answer as well for future reference, as many do want to understand their dreams...and this makes for a great intro, to understanding how to interpret dreams :)

Sounds to me like you turned into a werewolf in your dream.  Could be symbolic or could mean you have watched a similar movie.  I have several different types of dreams.  Some are prophetic, some are based on things I did that day combined with something I saw on TV, some are things I fear, in some I am not me at all, sometimes it's like I'm watching a movie and sometimes it's through my own eyes.  In the past few years I have had several dreams with different scenarios of severe devastation such as tidal waves or tornadoes.  I don't think that anyone can really tell you what your dreams mean.  I think you need to figure out what they mean to YOU.  For example, once I had a dream that my house was surrounded by several army type people trying to get in, then when they finally broke in they tied me up and forced sand down my throat.  When I woke up I couldn't breath.  At that point in time I had a lot of people that I should not have had in my life and they were suffocating me.  Even though I didn't realize it at the time I eventually figured out what the dream meant and changed things.  I think we are told things that we really don't listen to quite often.  I think we all really need to learn how to listen.

haha but i dont watch tv :)

It reminded me of past life ideas....it was as if this was a way you died in a past life. Then (as karmatic law stipulates...prey becomes predator) your next life you hunted them.

If we look solely as symbolic meanings.... the base is you are being chased/hunted down (feelings of being oppressed) you are missed a few times (you forgive/forget/make exceptions....dodge the bullet so to speak) and then you are put to death (you feel defeated) Then you return as the predator (you lash out)

Does that resonate with a current situation for you?

To 'reawaken' any of the senses (especially a sixth sense) is to put it to practice...like exercising a muscle...

ya totally alot of time i just feel caged 

"...a lot of the time...." 

this could be why this is a recurring theme...it is someting that is effecting you (continuously) emotionally.

I would suggest taking an honest look at your life situations, and trying to 'fix' the areas that are uncomfortable for you.... if there are viable options you.

What typically makes you feel caged? (feel free to add me as a friend, if you would rather continue the convo in private...)


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