Rarely does anything this bizarre comes my way but today it did, and I just had to share.  So there is this idea that Keanu, that oh so beautiful man, is immortal.  I'm of the opinion that some folks are just over thinking it.  Haven't these people ever heard of plastic surgery?  Anyway, here's the "proof":


Keanu Reeves is immortal

First - He doesn't age
Second - Being immortal he lived through time with many identities. These are the confirmed ones.

Aside from the striking resemblance, the account of the death of Charlemagne rise suspicion.

First of all he crowned his son just before dying (just like he knew he was going to 'die') secondly his burial was rushed during cold weather this is a clear hint that they needed to bury a body to not rise any suspicion.

Aside from the striking resemblance, there are sevaral facts that without any reasonable doubt shows that Paul Mounet is Keanu Reeves.

He was a doctor first and then an actor, the rise of the medical science could've been a problem to an immortal, by becoming a baron of the medicine he gained protection from any kind of inquiry about his everlasting appearance.

Paul Mounet allegedly died in 1922 although his body was never found.

Video: It has recently been discovered that Keanu Reeves has been alive a lot longer than thought.




So what do you all think?  Do we have a master of death walking among us?


Source: http://www.riseearth.com/2011/09/being-immortal-he-lived-through-ti...

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Strange, for some reason, the words and images are kinda all mashed together.



No. Though I gotta say they do look a like. Hey. maybe he has some crazy past incarnations. But immortal? Nope. Won't by it.


Also. I can't look at Keanu in ANYTHING and not laugh. Because after every line all I hear is a stoner laugh. Great actor. But he has stoner voice (and face.) My dad nearly made me piss myself because my mom was watching some movie where he was a doctor and after every line he did a mini stoner chuckle. I was crying I was laughing so hard and my mom was SOOO mad.


Try it. I dare you. After every line do a mini stoner "Heh heh". It'll work EVERYTIME!



oh my... Keanu Reeves is Jesus?!
He is deliciously hot, as well. hmmmmmm Mr Reaves.

Hahaha......... :) 


Oh, nope, he's mortal....

I know what it is, he's a Time Lord!  A super hottie Time Lord!

Interesting theory, for sure..... 


Some people age very slowly though. Many of my own family members age slowly enough that at 75 my grandmother appeared to be in her 50's. I get mistaken for a high school kid and I'm 35 ! My husband is 47 and looks like he is 30.



Maybe there's some truth behind the time traveling phone booth?
Maybe he just keeps reincarnating!
Nah.  He's a human being.  He's aging and will die eventually.
OMFG. Really people. REALLY??!! He still looks damn good to me. Has he aged hell yes, does he age better than some HELL YEAH. Has he possibly gotten some plastic surgery, MAYBE. Who  cares if he did or didn't? Is he an Immortal NO. So some people resemble some people from the past, and this is suppose to mean its the same person being reincarnated or is immortal. NO. I have a friend who told me they say my twin!! and I think there's a person that I resemble right now that lives in another state. It is what it is. He's an Actor, he looks damn good, IMO, and he ages wonderfully (with or without the help of plastic surgery). Go Keanu Reeves!  You look good.


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