A place for general chatter about lighter crafts. Crystals, chakras, dowsing, healing, herbs, meditation...whatever else comes to mind.

All beliefs welcome, but if you describe how to do anything, include ways to keep safe.

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There does seem to be an awful lot of dark crafts on here; thought I'd see if anyone was interested in lighter stuff XD

Thanks, I'll remeber that. Only got here yesterday, and before that I've only really practiced my family's Crafts. Glad to hear you help keep the balance, and that there's a good variety of people on here

I absolutely LOVE crystals!  They are my favorite things to "play" with.  I find I can never have enough of them!

Aaa, same! I've got way too many now, and plan to buy another one soon ^_^

I love crystals myself and I have to big ones on my altar, plus a nice Amethyst cluster as well.

Anyone know good ways to utalise more powerful crystals, like obsidian and malachite? I always have a bit of trouble with strong ones :/

it really depends on what you plan on using them for.  each one, for me, is suited to specific purposes,and I usually feel out what that purpose is.  or if I'm looking for one to buy for a purpose I kind of let the stones tell me which one I need by the way they feel.  If you are having trouble with a stronger one, it's trying to tell you that it's not right tool for the job, most likely.  Set it aside and look for one that feels right.  This is just how I do it. 

Thanks, you're probably right. I'll see about sorting out which ones are tricky for me, that might give me an idea of which ones to use.

Light things cast dark shadows; dark things cast light shadows. Light without dark is empty; dark without light is blind. I work with both quartz and obsidian and try to balance dark and light, so they work together. Like more people then you might imagine, I have a natural tendency to lightness, and in another life, without the dark, my shadow would be monstrous and destructive. By veering into the dark, I pull my lightness into the dark, and drive my darkness into the light so they mix to create a fertile brew. Never forget you have a shadow—light or dark, and within its umbra is the fount of all creation.

The idea of the reciprocal nature of shadow casting originates in Jungian psychology, but it also appears symbolically in Alchemical texts. What is rejected shadows what is accepted regardless of which elements fall into which category.

I don't bind myself to yin-yang, I work to transcend the opposites to regain what is lost in the split.

I often find snowflake obsidian good for balancing positive and negative; clear quartz is not so much light as it is cleansing, in my experience.

Can I ask if you have any other techniques for balencing light and dark, like natural oils or whatnot? I'd appreciate having more ways of balancing positive and negative thoughts :)


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