I have also posted this to my blog here and my Wolf Woods blog... just as it outrages me.



I spent part of this morning being hit with news about a Florida pastor wanting to burn Korans on the anniversary of 9-11. The man is planning to do this as a “warning”
a quote from the news story at the top... “"Instead
of us being blamed for what other people will do or might do, why
don't we send a warning to them?" he said. "Why don't we
send a warning to radical Islam and say, don't do it. If you attack
us, ... we will attack you."”

I have a problem with this kind of “public display”, it is wrong on many, many levels. Why would anyone want to do something so hateful
to people who
done anything to anyone. Not everyone who follows the Koran can be
blamed for things a few of it's followers do, so why do these people
want to hurt the ones who want to live their lives quietly?

To do this shows that the person who thinks it's a good idea is no better than the person they say is wrong. They are their own worst
enemy. The second link is for the site for the church that is
proposing this “Koran burning”, I wrote them an email telling
them I believe they are wrong. I do not know if telling them what
people think will change their minds, but I couldn't not say
something when I think it is so very wrong.

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By posting the name and location of the church, I believe people can and should send letters and emails to them; I am...! Lets's make a statement against this bigotry and hate. (what would their 'jesus' do?)
(what would their 'jesus' do?).... Good question!
he would light them on fire and send them to hell lol
wow some peoples children....for and against both are being angry and violent and disrespectful not all but most
Is there a facebook page for those who don't give a shit?

If he buys the book he should be allowed to do with it what ever he wants - I can't figure out why this person is worthy of all the media attention- Book burning is NOT a new concept. The Koran is a book just like the Bible and Moby Dick. If any thing the sale of Korans should increase even if people are just burning them after all one can read a religious text many times but they can only burn it once sort of like a flag – one can fly it many times but most flags are only good for a single burn session before buying another is required. . . .

To many idiots not enough stupid signs
why are we holding a profit or a whole faith responsible for the acts of a few miss lead people

need we remember christians being fed to lions
the holy crusades
the inquisition
the witch trials
and the fact that bush himself said it was our christian duty to free the people of iraq from there oppresor

and the countless other acts of violence comited in the name of a god/godess

Except, you're comparing patriotism to religion. Insulting someone's religion often hits much harder than insulting their country. People that worship gods believe their gods are higher than the country they happen to live in.

You can wipe a country off the globe, ensuring that no one belongs to that country anymore, but you can't wipe out a religion as easily. There seems to always be someone to keep it going.
These people are resorting to rage and anger because they feel ineffectual.....and guess what...they are!! All this church wants is attention and is trying to appeal to the lowest levels of the populace. You can bet that when they talk about "....we will attack you." They are not referring to themselves as going and doing the attacking, they'll happily send the country's youth to do it while they stay home and "motivate."
hey computer blonde here where is the email address! I'm sending one there way to say what i think!!! I have family in the army and I'll be damed!!! If they or there brothers and sisters in arms will suffer for what a church plans to do !!! Because it is morally wrong and they are no better then the few . That attacked us and you bet they may attack again !! Because of these dumb asses!!!
sorry info@doveworld.org, I had to look it up again
Hmm email might be bad, I tried to do it through their site though too so it might have gone through.

This is unnacceptable bullshit, somehow I managed to leave out profanity in my letter but I still told them what I think of them and wasn't nice or polite.
i just emailed them myself and gave them a piece of my mind...i hope i get a response and wonder if anyone else has got one ?


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