This is just for fun but I stumbled upon an interesting old infomercial on youtube They were essentially selling spell candles and Kris Jenner is the co-host. Not a Kardashian fan but I wouldn't mind that money. So just for your Illuminati conspiracy pleasure here it is: 

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No conspiracy...just someone who knows the code I teach ,

which is the code those initiated into the deeper levels of

Masonry , Craft , and other traditions know...

Including the big boys and girls in marketing and advertising...

We have an arrangement of eight symbols...we can double it...

Then , we can add straight line symbols going around those 16 symbols...

The whole arrangement has a value of 894...

Fit together those symbols can make a phallic shape , such as a candle...

Second symbol down from top in column , means light...

Top symbol means wisdom...

Bottom symbol means power , status , great earthly wealth...

Now for fun with gematria...

Buy = 14

Wicks = 307 ( Note 306 = Woman )

Of = 150

Wisdom = 289

Candle = 134 ( Code = 134 )

= 894

As I have been saying for years : Those who know the code ,

that runs the human bio computer , use the code...;)

No surprise !

All we need are shape shifting reptilo-humanoids and you've got yourself a candle sold,sir/mam/other sjw micro-aggression.

Just to clear things up "Illuminati conspiracy" was meant in a tongue in cheek way.

I know right? It's amazeballs covered in awesome sauce.

Instead of 1 900 psychic hotlines and ripping off indie contractor phone workers racket, this infomercial psy hack lady pushes magick New Agey candles, stones, accessories long associated to magick and witchcraft traditions. Saw the clips of bowing Jews at the Wailing Wall and a man posing as a Christian clergyman to give a legitimacy that hses products won't harm Abrahamism.

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It seems a trend. Recently I heard the African American actress from the craft(I think her characters and was Rochelle) is now doing tarot card readings in California.

Yeah i watched the video about it, apparently she *happened* to be studying them since even before The Craft. But the way the interview video went, it sounded like she's [sadly] trying to use it for hype and trend, but of course no one can be truly sure unless you are her. So.. i don't know, I'd take it with a grain of salt of course.


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