Yeah, it's really easy to laugh at the inadequacies and idiosyncrasies of others....but can you really point the thumb back to take a good look at your own flaws and laugh at them? If you can't laugh at yourself, you have no right to laugh at others.


When I was 19, I met a Sioux Medicine Man. Among the many things he said to me was,


"White Men think too much about their medicine."


At the time, he confused me....but after spending many years among my fellow caucasian practitioners of various faiths, I realized he was right. Many take themselves and their faiths too seriously. They forget to laugh at themselves.


Working with Coyote showed me how not to take myself or my faith too seriously. Nothing like having that aetheric mirror held in front of your face to make you really see all sides of yourself. When you look back at some of your past fuckups, the only way to get through and learn from them is to point and laugh at yourself.



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Eventually you have to.


In Shawn Blackwolf I see my obsessions with numbers and pattern recognition.

In Ritalin Bunny I see my ego-drive to WINWINWIN and forgetting how to FAIL.

In some I see my lack of want to heal myself of my self-inflicted wounds.

In others I see my past wants TO BE a memeplex and find my immortality that way.

In others I see my drive to perfect myself to be a creative ementation and want to expereience the joy of being me.

In others I see my infuriation over being manipulated, and find it hard to admit how I do it to others and myself.

LOL and in "He who is HERE AND NOT HERE", I see my co-dependencies and desire for another tear both of us apart.


Once, I was talking with my ex on a midnight ride to PA.  We were discussing existentialism the entire time and the works of Camus.


At the time I think we defined Existentialism as one side of the coin, and Discordianism as the other...but I think that was wrong of me to do so.

I think Discordianism is just like any other gestalt.  Once we come to grips with the fact that all of our experiences and all of our lives may end up to be nothing...just a ghost in the machine of the biomechanical freakshow as the gears of the universe grind down to entropic stasis...we start to realize we may never had a purpose at all. There might not have been a plan.

If a tree falls in the forest, did it happen if there's no-one there to hear it?

If we suddenly find the thermodynamic miracle of random chemical combinations over millions of years to result in a self-contemplative consciousness....rather than accept it...why do we assume or want there to be a purpose for it?


Would you like there to be a purpose for the human race? 

What if you were a child that found out that your parents had you to make a bond between them? and that your considerations and your wishes in what else you wanted to be were secondary. That the primary goal of your life was accomplished the minute you were be an anchor baby.


Or that you were born to carry on your mother's and father's ways of thinking and acting, giving them a kind of immortality through indoctrination.


I'd rather have no purpose thanks. That allows me to define who and what I am. The only person I fail is me.  Others can be dissappointed in me, but in all honesty, that's because of expectations on me. Some of which I allowed to be placed on me, and others I put on myself. those kinds of expectations I know I have to face a consequence for, but I always reserve the right to laugh at myself.  By that time, I think I paid for it.


I'm pretty funny, and I love jokes, and can't remember them. When I get in a funny zone, I can be pretty funny.

I only laugh at people for being funny  - okay, sometimes stupidity is funny unintentionally and I laugh - well, it always helps deal with sad or difficult things.

And I get angry, which has no positive effect, but if I can keep my humor about things that anger me  then I can address them skillfully in a way that has impact and influence. 

I always assume, from Jesus's teaching, that anything i hate in another I have in myself, only worse, and am ignoring it. Maybe I will be funnier when I face my inner-republican, but that's one I have refused to see. Conservative thinking contradicts truth that I am so certain about, but expressing that certainty in response just adds power and makes me even more self-righteous than they are. The truth is there without me having to stand for it, if I really believe it.

In a debate or conflict, the ego is like a weapon. It can "beat" the opponent but it can also be used against you. And winning by overpowering produces resentment, and the losing ego wants to buff up for another fight. But surrender is the way to win, by admitting that both people are the same, essentially, and that is what matters. A toy weapon, or self-deprecating, joking ego, works just as well, by connecting the two opposing sides across the normal barrier of ego, using humor. 

I plan to use that awareness to heal the world, but to make that energy flow requires connecting things usually held apart - as a joke can do. Know any good jokes? Please introduce us!


Most of the time, but it is a cruel laughter. Surprisingly, well meaning people aren't pleased with that, either.


I laugh at myself all the time..Some of the crazy things I do I can't help but laugh..
I've been laughin at myself ever since I can remember..even when I was little instead of cryin when I got hurt I laughed! Lol

I look absolutely ridiculous when I cry. I should keep that in mind, so maybe I can laugh instead

That is new, and I like it.  Thank you for this. What I have heard is, "Don't over-think it, just do it."


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