Medicinal properties. Reversing the bad economy. Hindering the illegal market or even thoughts on legalizing the real deal. Whatever your thoughts... I wanna know.

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I live in N.C. where "legal bud" is in the form of incense that you smoke. (Yet it is labeled "not for human consumption.") WTF??? Anyhoo...despite the warning on the's intention is obvious and so I tried it. I must say it is quite comparable to the real deal and I am impressed. Stress is the number 1 killer in this country (U.S.A.) and this must be a cure all for that as NO stress is retained after smoking this product. Secondly, it also increases appetite and calms nerves. At approximately $20 for 4-5 "joints"......the fact that you don't risk jail or losing your freedom or family to me makes it worth it.
As far as "open door for minors goes" the way I see it even if it's not legal minors will seek it and it is up to the parent to know if their child (minor) is smoking period! Parents need to pay attention to where the kids are and what they are doing as well as what video games are being played by their teens and what they see on T.V.
I was a teen in the 80's once. Good luck to my kids trying to get away with anything. LOL!
That fake stuff hurts my throat. Hear we have a brand called black mamba and some others and they do get you high but it is very painful. You are the first person iv hared speak favorably if it.
People have died from it.

Reap marijuana has killed no one.
Died solely because of smoking an herb? I wonder if there were other factors? Yet it's still for sale on the shelves. I see a commercial every day for some class action law suit suing Pharmaceutical companies.
JWH-018 is a chemical they put in.

It mimics marijuana.

Unlike marijuana it has killed.
There are many different types with different "laced" substances added to it. Red Magic for instance has an all herbal additive created by a Harvard grad. I would suggest anyone choosing to partake research what they are putting into their system.
I would support anyone who wants to use what had grown naturally, than take the poisons BigPharma is stuffing down our throats.
I don't use, just just the thought of someone telling me no that plant is ban and illegal is just a freakin joke, just those same people are getting huge money from the companies that are taking other plants and altering them to produce posions and other more harmful drugs.
Just try to google Bayer, tainted meds with aids and see if you can find the story that was on fox about what these companies that don't want us to medicat ourselves have been doing.
just because it is "natural" does not mean it can not be misused and have the effects of a poison.
I am less interested in hemp because of the smoking (I don't, however most of my associates do) but more because it is an awesome resource for all kinds of materials.
It will be easier to legalise it for smoking than to push the use of it in favour to IMO inferior materials in many areas.


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