Medicinal properties. Reversing the bad economy. Hindering the illegal market or even thoughts on legalizing the real deal. Whatever your thoughts... I wanna know.

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True fact. The "demonizing" of hemp started when it was putting the regular paper biz. out of biz. It is a superior product on numerous levels.
In Santa Cruz California they had a hemp museum .I learned that almost any thing you can make out of particle bored or fiberglass you can make from hemp and that hemp seeds are one of the most nutritious grains on earth. I also saw on the discovery channel or one of its affiliates that in Israel they proved that THC retards the development of tumors in spite of the propaganda that the government and big tobacco says the opposite with out doing any real research.
Just my personal opinion:
I believe that marijuana should be legalized for medicinal purposes...period!

I also believe that obtaining and possessing a certain amount for recreation should also be legal. The problem is that once it is legal and available to the general public, the government will get involved (if for no other reason than to regulate the "safety and strength") at which point you risk preservatives and other dangerous additives.
true....the drug companies would be very unhappy too....
I think legal herb is an excellent idea, it might even be a prime solution for getting our economy out of the red. Plus, it will be like justice for all those harmless marijuana smokers, won't it?
But one way or another any smoke is bad for you. Marijuana may not be as bad as sigarette but it still hurts your lungs.
Marijuana hurts your lungs by melting the cilia; witch grows back within a day or so. After a while your lungs toughen up and it isn’t so bad. The resin or so called tar, if so it may be called is harmless. It sits in your lungs fore a while and is slowly absorbed in to the blood stream unlike the tar from tobacco that stays their continuously. I learned this in NA from a really cool consular.
I say let the stoners be stoned..and the drunks be drunk....where theres a will there is a way. Legalized or not an addiction is an addiction and they will get it one way or another.
Re: medicinal uses for weed...glaucoma, cancer...yes anything to help these pts...yes absolutely. If it works and it is not going to endanger them (anymore than the chemo and xrt ??) then by all means allow it to help them or give them relief. Who am I to judge?
My thoughts? I am glad that there are enough sane people in the US, for now anyway, that things like Prop 19 are still defeated. I am all for medicinal marijuana. If it has medicinal effects, then i am all for that. But legalizing it? I personally hope it never happens.
What you don't understand Herne is that the court systems are clogged with sending pot smokers to jail...while the real crimes get ignored or crammed into the system without the attention that they need.
I smoke it or not. It is great for pain and keeps me goinn...


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