Let’s get to know each other, share with us. A quote, song, image, paragraph, whatever you like that gives us a glimpse into your world.

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Good to know.  Thanks

"The pessimist complains about the wind, the optimist expects it to change, the realist adjusts the sail" -william arthur ward

"Let them call me rebel and welcome, I feel no concern from it; but I
should suffer the misery of devils, were I to make a whore of my

 first to know another one must learn of oneself. from my the events that i have experienced with in this existence, to learn of oneself becomes difficult to the verse being in a state of flux. since i am a part of this verse i to am in a state of flux so often when i discover something of the self it is often the past i am revealing and not often the present self for the present changes from the past. may not be a grand noticable change but a change never the less. there are times when the eyes act as a mirror reflecting parts of ourselves off of other entities revealing some parts of one's self that could be over looked and not come into awareness by other means. when sharing ourselves with other's we learn of the other and ourselves in the process. than comes the question of what to share this plays into forms such as is a part of this engagement of the ego, is this accurate among other processes. to where we end up not enjoying the moment and missing out on the time shared as we spend time and share with other.

I spent decades having the same recurring nightmare of being kidnapped and abused. It was not until I was able to begin addressing my traumas could I get a decent night's sleep. I often wonder what 20 years of sleep deprivation can do to a person's physiology, but I am reclaiming my peace. <3 When things get super hard, I play the songs The Ride, Have to Drive, and Bigger on the Inside all by Amanda Palmer. She sings to my soul.

Sun and Fire to all the world belong
But the Moon Pale and the Midnight, let this delight the strong.
Stay Weird - Stay Wild - Stay Free


As your river rolls to sea..... a journey blessed and true.......

Life-giving riches wild and free.....the deepest part of you..........

Sustaining and undaunted ......through straight and twist and turn....

Your beauty never flaunted.......a destiny well earned........

As the miles you leave behind......your path well known and clear.......

Forever etched and forged in time......an eternal Song to hear.......

Harmonic and melodic......a rhythm of your own.....

With seas and waves hypnotic......an ocean for your home....

Whoop-Whoop! Full Moon To-Night!!!

Hey y'all. Been a seriously long time since I've been on herr. I look forward to catching up and making new friends.

Have a great night!

I pretty much only have three interests video games. theology and studying any and all religions, Kind of simliar to the second set of things, interest in most, if not all, occult things. I also listen to a little bit of every type of music. My preferred genre is metal and it's various sub-genres. Anything else anyone would like to know feel free to ask.


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