Let Us Make Love In The Graveyard At Midnite ,

Let Us Dance Naked In The Dark On The Beach ,

Let Our Passion And Love Take Us To Heights ,

And Places , And Depths , No Others May Reach ,

Let The Stars Of Creation Be Our Witness ,

Let Magick And Power Be Called Into Play ,

And All Who Hearken To The Ways Of Our Will ,

Listen To The Words Our Voices Shall Say !

As Lord And Lady Of Our Dominion ,

We Shall Make This Our Heaven On Earth ,

All That Has Been Shall Now Pass Away ,

As All That Shall Be We Together Give Birth ,

We Shall Make Love On The Altar Of The Circle ,

We Shall Call Forth Both Angel And Beast ,

We Shall Invoke The God And The Goddess ,

To Cojoin In Our Sensual Feast !

We Shall Run Through Woods In The Moonlight ,

We Shall Drink Where Waters Swift Fall ,

And In The Embrace Of Spirit And Flesh ,

We Shall Be Two As One With The All ,

I Called Ye Forth From Your Darkness ,

And You Called Me Forth From Mine ,

And The Web We Weave To Manifest ,

Is Now Ours In This Space And Time !

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Thank you , Kahlan Moonflower...


I hope , as well , some may find the information ,

which I am posting , as addendum to the poem ,

helpful in their practice...


Not done yet...more on the Great Rite Ritual to follow...:)

Thank you both , Death's Embrace , and Icinia...


And very well said yourself , Icinia...


You have a weaver's sense of the power of word...

Thank you , my friend...;)

Rather skillfully worded , yourself...

Ah , those younger days...not too far in the past...

And who knows what life has in store for me in days to come...

That primal feeling does return in spring , does it not ?



For This Span Of Time,

One Mind,

One Heart,

One Soul....

Thank you , Leslie...

Much appreciated !


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