How many of you have survived through a disaster? Flood,fire,Hurricane Tornado,any Natural Disaster. We lost everything in North Dakota in the Flood of the Century. It was pretty tough,jobs,house,clothes,.The Flood of The Century has been documented on the Discovery Channel.We learned to get by. We volunteered to work with the Red Cross for 6 weeks,relocated and eventually moved to Virginia.Any one else? It does make one appreciate what one has.

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Its bad in Colorado,but the rain has finally stopped now. Josh,drove to North Dakota via Wyoming....Sounds like you had an experience indeed. we're actually visiting Hawaii soon ourselves....Thanks for the share P P!

looking like they are trying to get roads up and running to the ski areas.....gessss

I think there was an earthquake in Pakistan today?? Anyone here that?

OMG! Just watching all the devastation from the tornadoes in the Midwest (Illinois) USA.....80 tornadoes,some CAT 4,6 people deads and homes power.POSITIVE thoughts for all these people

Hurricane Sandy destroyed about 75% of everything we owned.. We lived right on the water in Ocean City, NJ Everything was thrashed and destroyed, part of our dock was in our foyer... It was devastating. That was a year ago, it was really hard picking up the pieces after that and we're still trying to - you just have to take it one day at a time and be thankful that we were safe, things can be replaced but people can't.

I heard Jersey got hit pretty hard during that storm. I have a friend in Staten Island that the lower level of her apt building was completely destroyed. Many people were flooded out there. 

A mess! So glad you were able to cope,deal,and be fearless......Bet its hard to believe it was only barely a year ago.......

I never have had to deal with it for myself, but i have had friends that have. I have gone to help them and it is just amazing the destruction that takes place, and then how recovering the smallest of items has a great amount of meaning.

I have no idea how i would react if it were my own personal items/house, it was tough enough to see someone you know be fine one day and everything is gone the next.

I have a great deal of respect for any of you that have gone through it, and come out the other side of it ok.

WE were in North Dakota when the Red River flooded.The Flood of the Century in 1997,flood water,water damage is horrendous and the black mold got us sick for a year,till we moved and realized what it was 

Would make sense Joel........What bugs me too,is the wild animal "attacks" not the animals fault,because the homes are being built in "their" habitat,no natural disaster,but your comment got me thinkiong about that

I was in New Orleans when Hurricane Andrew hit. Went back the following day and it was leveled. Came back to CT to face the same storm though it wasn't as strong. Was in Daytona during Hurricane Gloria, last winter had a massive snowstorm that left us stuck in the house for a few days. The October before that we had a massive ice storm come through and most of us were without power for a few weeks. Cancelled Halloween for most of the state due to power outages. We also had 1 earthquake last year I think?

Those are a few of the major storms we have had in CT recently. 

New Orleans has dome amazing things in recovering....


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