can any one help me '
l have never been happier in my life as l am now
since l found the pagan/wiccan way
BUT l am afaird to start to use spells
lm afaid that l might harmor do some thing wrong in some way
so l would like some one to help me
lm sorry if this sounds silly but l do love the way that ppl
have helped me and that every one is so nice
l will leave this in the goddess hands and hope that
she send s some one to help me on my journey
Brightest Blessings to you all
Anne x

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thank you for takinf=g the time to answer
Anne x
thank you
In my experience, if you go through a working with the hope that no one is harmed then no one will be. The only time that I don't do workings is when I'm too emotionally tied to a situation and I might wish someone harm while I do it. If I'm afraid I might send out negative energy while I'm working then I wait until I can better focus myself or until I've calmed down enough to actually work with a clear mind.

It seems like you really don't want to hurt anyone since you're afraid that you might. I say that you'll do fine then since you know you don't want to hurt anyone.

Something you could try is writing out the spell and why you want to do it. Maybe that'll reassure you about the spell. You could also add. "By the Rule of Three, as I will it so shall it be." Or, "And it harm none, my will be done." Or something like that as a disclaimer to your spell. ^_^

Gererally speaking though, I think that if you go into a working with pure intentions then the God and Goddess will know and will guide your spell.

Hope that helps!
thank you this means a lot to me
l will try and let you kno how l get o
I see a lot of People Have given you a, well lets say Rede Version of spell work. I for one Know for a Fact If I Intend to change my will to Create more Money, or perhaps change a Job, My will will now Through Intention find a path of Least Resistance. That means When I go to find my New Job, some one had to loose that Job for me to get that Job. Fact, unless that Job is a place that just opened, and they are Hiring for new fresh positions.

Basically Here is what I am getting at, when you step out of your home the Natural Order of thing is something or some one is going to be Harmed. I know this is Disturbing to a lot of you, but that is truth. To Know, To Will, and To Be Silent, is a good key to Spell Crafting. What is your Intent? When you get that, Focus your Intent to you will. If your Will is to get a new Job Then Focus it to that new job. Spell work is a really easy task, its the Fear Factor that ever one is so afraid of, because it was so damn taboo for so long. That people think there is this Spirit in the Sky that has nothing better to do then to tally up Karmic Debt, and if you do something wrong, then now you got this big Check mark by your name... No if you do not know your Intent then you spell work will fail. Plain and simple. If your not sure of your Intent then it will work but not with the effects you thought you would get.
it's a tough situation. but all the answers people have given you are wonderful advice.

I would say to (as wiht anything) start small. Don't jump right into huge, life-altering and energy draining types of spells. Start with those which come from inside of you. ::I stopped working spells for a while and I know I'm out of practice, so I'm starting anew with a small spell, wrtten on paper and sealed, that simply asks for me to be able to love myself. I work a little bit on it each day, and eventually the results will add up.:: I suggest you start with something like that...something that is meant to effect you and noone else, it makes it all easier to control.

Also, Just be careful of what you write/say. Don't cast the spell until you are sure of your words and their meanings.

The best catch-all I can give you is the same as Marquita's advice...I live by "An' it harm non, do what you will" and it helps with a lot of things. Also, the rule of three, basically the golden rule, helps remind you that whatever you do will come back to you...people tend to be more caustious when they think about it. ALso though, try "As Goddess(spirit, prince, pan...whatever) wills it, so shall it be." Whatever god you are praying to will not let harm come to another. unless you're praying to Apep, Menhit or Seth from egyptian traditions{or similar gods}, in which case you probably mean to do harm, the universe will take care of you and everyone else.
Everyone has given good advice, but I believe the strongest element is intent. If you are working with positive energy, and intend it to provide a positive outcome then your request will bring forth positive outcomes. However, even spills with the best of intention may cause some element of pain for someone, not yet known to you; you must know what you are requesting your deity to do and completely think it though (as best you can).
I am a solitary eclectic and use the rule of three concept with the statement, “And it harm none, so mote it be.”
The best suggestions I can give are, start slowly, and build your practice as you build you confidence and comfort zones.

The Monk
Personally for me my sister, I have my own spells that I have written that work well for me, most of them are for healing, energy, and the sabbats, I agree with Maximus with his comment,

If you steer away from doing spells to harm someone, you will be fine, I never do anything to harm anyone.

Take your time and go slowly. If you ask the Goddess, she will guide you to your enlightenment.

Brightest Blessings :)
No one will get hurt if you don't want them to. It's as simple as that. Magick is about intention and sincerity, as well as effort and hard work. Spells don't literally make things happen, but rather are a representation of your intentions. You will learn as you practice and continue to gather info.:)


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