Let me begin by stating that I am a Greek pagan. I've heard people for and against this trickster and I'd like to hear from the Asatru why Loki shouldn't be worshipped. I want to learn and I will be sitting on the sidelines this time. I haven't heard any concrete arguments so far, but I'd still like to hear from the Norse community.

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Oh no this isn't for me lol.  It's for a friend who keeps getting shit from other Asatru.
Aren't you an atheist?

What kind of "shit" is he getting?  Is there a reason being given?  What's the back story of the issue? 


Views on Loki vary widely among heathen groups. 

I have greek and norse patrons. Loki being one of them. I feel that some are suited or need that type of activity in their life, some do not.


It also depends on the way it's portrayed, older vs earlier depictions of Loki vary quite much. You have a Loki who is nearly evil with his manipulation or you have a Loki who is what he is called - as mischief maker. Someone who likes to cause chaos but isn't evil. A friend of mine as well as I have a close connection with Loki and we often discuss our own experiences. In the end, no matter what happens, I believe it's up to the person who works with said Deity to have an opinion on the matter and anyone who hasn't is just speaking via hearsay and of course we all know what it is to assume.

I have a friend who worships Loki and a lot of people give her a hard time about it. She has even been rejected from local Asatru circles in her community! And I have heard some of their arguments but I haven't heard anything concrete yet and I am wondering wtf is the problem with it.
Many can view it as quite a negative thing, and that with her patron being Loki, I'm sure they worry about what juju or energy she brings with her that's from Loki. I think the Asatru seem to be more fluffy than those who call themselves Heathens and well...she should probably look for like minded people, not others who will condemn someone. You don't always choose your gods they choose you. (both apollo and loki chose me and they'd be what you call...the opposite of what I was interested in) Is your friend on paganspace? if not i'd suggest her joining. There are a few Lokians who could probably give her some peace of mind and to share stories and experiences.
She is but the rabid Asatru scared her away.
Chat is rarely filled with Asatru. Get her to join there. I'm a moderator in chat and all people in chat are safe. No trolls allowed.
There is a reason Asatru rarely go to chat.
Rabid Asatru?  That's offensive.
Is there a Group for Lokians? If not maybe you should start one. ;] I'd join.
There is one.


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