Let me begin by stating that I am a Greek pagan. I've heard people for and against this trickster and I'd like to hear from the Asatru why Loki shouldn't be worshipped. I want to learn and I will be sitting on the sidelines this time. I haven't heard any concrete arguments so far, but I'd still like to hear from the Norse community.

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I just pooped my pants ...

Well , I hope not...lol...


But now you understand the runes I work with ,

besides the 24 we know , without Odinic overlay ,

are from what I have tried telling people , a *very*

old Tradition...;)

Oh , one more thing from another tradition...


More for you , Aikaterine...


Those same two columns , add to :


Stealing Fire Of Gods + Punishment = 994 ( 603 + 391 = 994 )


Rising Of Prometheus = 995


...Of Course...;)

Interesting and some insightful comments.

While my personal opinion is that I do not think it's wise to worship Loki specifically, I do respect him.  We each have our parts to play in life and there's no exception for the Gods/Goddesses. 

~ Cheers!

Most of the Asatru I know don't even consider Loki as a deity.  At Blot's, if one person calls out "Hail Loki" NO ONE else does.  In the Eddas, he is not a deity, but a "minor" spirit of sorts that is connected to Odin (one verse in the Eddas calls Loki his blood-brother, but even many Asatru do not consider that to be true). 


Most of the pagans I've worked with are Heathens.  And I've only ever run across a couple who have Loki has a patron and even then, a lot of them are like Son of Laufey here... they're more agnostic than anything.  One girl I've known for yrs says Loki is the aspect of change in the world... change that is usually brought about deceitfully or by unknown means, but brings people together to bring about good change. 

Well here's my take on it. I have no self worth. At all. Period. (severe depression and anxiety does that to a person, yes I am seeing someone for these. Bla Bla Bla not the topic we're discussing.) He reached out to me. And told me I'm not worthless. Now I may have a couple mental illnesses but I have never hallucinated, I don't do drugs. I wasn't asleep. If he sees something in me enough to tell me, then I must have something I need to be here for. He showed me that. Now I am no where near cured. But he has changed my life for the better. I don't care what arguments any of yall have against him. He has given me life. I am forever grateful to him for that.

Nothing wrong in connecting with a trickster, they can be of great help in your life. Tezcatlipoca was a trickster and supreme deity in the Aztec Empire, people prayed to him for help all the time.


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