A year and a half ago, I moved into my house. It's exact age is unknown, however, it is estimated to be built between 1780-1820, and the newest section in 1848. All is original. The town I live in is very small (pop. 200), the house has quite a reputation for hauntings as well as it's history. I was okay with it, as the other side doesn't scare me at all. I have always embraced the other side-spirits. The sightings were immediate-and reported by people that were skeptics. Just doors opening and closing by themselves, lights flickering on and off, and in one occasion, a person I didn't care much for (and verbalized my feelings about him before he came to our house) stayed with the intention of staying overnight, left at around 3 am as he said he awoke with a man standing over him glaring at him. He refused to come back to get his belongings. I have experianced things as well. However, always embraced them, thanked them for their pressence and when something would happen like a door opening or closing or the lights flickering, I would acknowledge them with kindness and respect.


My oldest daughter, didn't really believe. So she would provoke them sarcastically despite the fact that I warned her not too. Since then, events surrounding her are getting worse and worse. At first the pictures in her room would be knocked off the walls, doors slam (all in her room only), scratching ON (not IN) the walls, to now she will wake up in the middle of the night to a pressence standing over her and the last three events, she has woken to have scratches on her back. Her boyfriend is scared to death to stay in this house as he has experianced the same things to him, although he has never, to my knowledge, provoked them. He has felt someone place a hand on his shoulder and when he has turned around no one is there. I have expressed to her my discontent many times not to provoke them, and now she is regretting it, because she feels like she is being attacked. Since she has been away on vacation, there has been no episodes in her room.


My youngest daughter recently went down some hard roads in life, I was quite angry with her for her bad choices. She has always been like me with the spirits or ghosts that live with us. But ever since I became angry with her, she has woken up several times to find a black oily substance dripping out of her ceiling onto her bed and face. A very thorough inspection of the attic right over her bed reveals no cause whatsoever (her ceiling is the attic floor as our beams in the house are all open beams).


I have always asked the ghosts of our house to watch over the house while we are gone. I believe a happy ghost is one that is respected and given a job to do-they are sensitive, so the fact that this might have been their home previously, must be respected. I talk to them often, I feel that they are extremely protective of me. However, if that protection is just getting out of control or something else, I am not sure.


One room in my house, I have set up as my Craft room. This is where I keep all my items related to my Craft as well as any herbs I use. This room has always been known to be the site of extreme activity. However, since I set this up as my Craft room, it is brighter and there is no activity in there except every once in a while when I hang herbs to dry from the beams, I will occasionally find them on the floor (they are hooked in tight to the beams, so it's very difficult for them to fall easily). But never is my hanging penticles, pentagrams, etc. ever, ever touched which hangs just on a nail.


If I am upset with someone or don't like someone, if they enter the house, I have noticed that they are attacked in some way, shape or form-the ghosts do NOT want them there, period.


I have begun to burn white sage in each room of the house, and explained to them, if someone is welcome in my home, they must not attack them-period. Regardless, the attacks are NOT welcome on my daughters-PERIOD. And if they could NOT respect my rules, they would would not be welcomed to stay-PERIOD.


My questions are what can be effective in repelling negative energy in each of the rooms in my house (garlic wreaths, etc)? Do you think a cleansing ritual is needed? How far do you think I should take this to calm things down-meaning should I expel them completely (I do like them being around, but don't like at all the negative things they are doing) or just continue to burn white sage? What are you feelings on this? I don't understand why I have never ever been attacked (except for once-I was painting my Craft room and I heard footsteps come into the room and the light fixture I was painting near exploded in my face a few seconds later, I did apologize to them that I forgot to tell them that I would be painting this room but I wasn't going to change it from it's original decor-after that I never had another episode like this) or why they seem so possessive of me, if you will. I have seen them many times, but it was always in a positive manner. Every time they have appeared to anyone else it's always negative. Any insights/suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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I think you know what you are doing all ready and it will just come to you as you need to know .. So good that it is not scaring you .. You are in control .. :) Very interesting .. Please post some pictures of your house would be so cool to see .. Blessings Alice
Thank you:-). I will definitely post pictures of my house soon and I even have some videos of occurrences happening. It's all very interesting....

Yes, please do post. I would enjoy seeing your home too.

I like how you are dealing with them, and you should certainly "lay the law down"

to them if you feel that is what you should do. And possibly expel if they do not

listen. Good luck, dear, and blessings.  :-) 

Interesting.Sounds like you have done much to relate to them what you expect of the spirits in your hom,e. I doubt they would simply leave if you asked them from what you are saying.,entirely,as there is a reason that is their "home" too. I WOULD do a ritual,in the room(s) most active,mayhaps around the doorways and windows burn the sage and/or dragons blood and :kindly" ask them again ....In my magick room,is where my Fey are usually ,so when people stay there,as its my guest room too,they can sat up,if they have issues with the person,though my friends/family are usually very accepted by them. One thing,at least with the FEY,they dont like being made fun of or denied they are there,so maybe why their were a bit upset with your daughter. Generally if you have a good relationship with Spirits,they will respect your requests.,hopefully or at least let you know why. I see "living"" with s;piritual entities as a mutual thing,you are both in a give and take relationship..
It seems you are dealing with this just fine,though i suggest that you take Celticlass...FAERIE QUEEN's advice on this as well. good luck & dragons blessings - Demetri "knightshade" Black
Thank you Sir,aye,seems Roxanne has it in check......

Have you thought about asking your daughters to apologize for the behavior, possibly if they begin to acknowledge them as beings (spirits are beings too) they may be more accepting of the girls.

What you are doing is great though, you are not showing disrespect but you can not allow them to show you or yours disrespect either. Sweet Blessings

I have told her this was needed, but she really needed to apologize from the heart because they would be able to feel her energy and that needs to be true. I also told her when events happen, she needs to acknowledge them and invite them to be calm and welcome them. Eventually, when they realized she was no longer "the weak" and she was giving them true respect, they would stop torturing her.


But also, I think I need to talk to them about forgiveness. Maybe that isn't something that was ever extended to them in their human life. It's hard to say. They are restless for a reason.


There is at least one known spirit in my home, his name is Frank. The story is that he died in the house at the turn of the 20th century. Before he died, in his ripe old age, he became quite "mean" (some form of mental illness?) and the people that lived here were afraid that he was going to burn the house down while they slept. So one of the rooms, I am pretty sure is my Craft room, because he is very happy in this room now, they built a cage in which they would lock him in at night. There is one old farmer that lives nearby remembers when his father tore that cage out of the room and his father talking about "old Frank" and his mean ways. But he just didn't remember which room it was. I am very passionate about Frank. I apologize to him often about that wrong in his life and gave him free rein of the house. And then I told him I was going to paint each room a brighter (historical, time period) color so he would always have a positive place to go too. And I did just that. I believe it is Frank who is torturing my oldest daughter. I believe he is sensitive to any negative behavior or energy. His story would make sense on why he would be. I think it is important that I tell him that it is okay to forgive any wrongs committed against him. He has appeared many times to many people-as they have picked him out of a group of people in a photo I have hanging on my wall, time and time again. Most often he is behind the attacks of the people I don't like. 


I have never "seen" him, but always feel his presence. He also loves my rocking chair in my room. There is also children spirits as well in my house. When they are at their highest energy, my youngest daughter will sit on the floor and roll a bouncy ball back and forth with them and they love this and always roll it back to her. You can also hear their laughter at times.  I feel like I am their "keeper" and definitely feel like they want me here.


In some ways, I blame my daughter, I do feel that she caused her own upset and was warned many, many times, not too. I also feel she was very disrespectful to them, or mainly Frank (she used to single him out by name), but she is still my daughter and I can not allow for these attacks to go on. But perhaps we all need a lesson in forgiveness if not, I am going to have to kick some ghosts asses, asap. lol.


Maybe someday we can all get together and hold a seance and find out exactly who is here and what their stories are....Ohhhhhhhhhhh, a bunch of witches in a haunted house, ohhh just imagine that:-))

I'm curious as to why you would not help Frank cross over (and the others, if there are others).
Cross over? Lol that's funny. It sounds like you've watched way too much tv.
so when you're stuck in between unable to journey forward, probably forgotten that you have died, got strange people living in your house and are terrorizing children because you're confused and scared - I'll just laugh at you.  Maybe I'll sell tickets to your hauntings and then I'll get my own tv show because after all you're just a ghost - right? - not a living being in need of assistance to yes! cross over!  There is a reason it is called crossing over and there are many reasons you do not want to be stuck in between!

Merry meet Mary!


 I haven't offered to help them cross over, as what I am getting from them is that they know they are dead and have been asked to stay and guard the house, I am not sure by who. They also love this house and they have a powerful connection to this house. They want to be here.  This is where their fondest memories are.


Frank-this house was empty for a long time before I moved in-approximately 50 years. He says the house is warm again now that I am here-I am not exactly sure what he means by that. I think he is afraid I am going to leave because I don't own the house. I rent it-but the family that owns the house has adopted me into their family, so I can stay for the rest of my life if I wish too. What I hear from him almost constantly is him asking me to stay. I promise him I will for as long as I can. He loves this house-he has a strong connection to it and at the same time, there is some very sad memories here for him too. 


And the last thing I get from him is a very long period of waiting that has come to an end-in this period of waiting, there was extreme loneliness for him-it was very sad time. I am not sure what that timely is exactly, whether it was in life or after his death and what connection, if any, that has to me. But I do know he never married or had children.


I also think there is a past connection with this house to the Craft-meaning I believe there might have been a witch that previously lived here. Many things have suggested it-but I am still researching that.


So, until they tell me that they would like to crossover, I will allow them to be as they wish. :-)



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